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2015 - Squadron Reunion

Holiday Inn (MarketPlace) - San Antonio, Texas
(Group Rate =  $99.00 + tax for October 1-4, 2015.)

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 -- 2015 --

(07/21/2015) - REED, William 'Bill', 83, passed away on July 16, 2015 (Bremerhaven 1954-56) - OBITUARY
- Patriotic Poem - 25th Anniversary - "Just A Common Soldier"

Visit our Bremerhaven Photo Travelogue INDEX and see many new photos as well as older ones when we were there. Dale Herrington just sent as several photos of his 2007 trip to Germany.

(06/12/2015) - FOWLER, Wilton L. "Wes", 79 - passed away on June 4, 2015 - OBITUARY                   
 - Reunion Information  
UPDATE  - New Tours Information and Banquet MENU choices.
- 3 New Photo Albums of the life of Richard W. Wilson
(02/04/2015) - 1958 C-130A downed by Soviet Fighters -- An Aerial Reconnaissance Memorial
(02/04/2015)  - 41st Intelligence Cyber Squadron - Activation Ceremony - Ft. Meade, Maryland
(02/03/2015) - "Mini-Reunion" Mackinaw, Michigan - August, 2014 - Matthys & Kings
(01/01/2015) - USAFSS 'Mini-Florida-Reunion' - January 23-25, 2015 - St. Augustine, Florida

  -- 2014 --

(12/21/2014) "Merry Christmas" from Bremerhaven. (Dec. 22, 1956) - Courtesy of John Boyers
-                2014 REUNION CRUISE PHOTOS.
(05/07/2014) Proposal to Reactivate 41st RSM to 41st IS (Intelligence Squadron)
(04/02/2014) - 6913th Logo Items may now be ordered directly from Larry Roberts - 'C' - (1969-62)

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-- 2013 --

(10/11/2013) - Skytop Memorial Dedication Ceremony - 04 October 2013
(10/11/2013) - New Index of Webpages of extensive research of the Syracuse Fire!
(10/11/2013) - "Mini Reunions" - California, New York, Florida @ Rochester, New York
(09/19/2013) - New link to  USAFSS Sites in Turkey: Karamursel, Samsun, Trabzon, Sinop etc.
- Arlington National Cemetery - Memorial - 60528's Last Mission - 9/2/58
- New Photo Album - Jimmy Knight - (Bremerhaven 1961-64) "Baker/Easy"
(06/22/2013) - Beer Stein Collector/Historian looking for photos and/or purchasing steins
(03/27/2013) - "Prop Wash Gang" - Special USAFSS Website -- "Silent Warriors"
(03/03/2013) - SNOW in Speckenbütel Stadtpark - Bremerhaven - by Ursula Braun
- New Photo Album - Phil Miller - (Bremerhaven 1954-57)
(02/09/2013) - Bremerhaven golf course and landing strip for L-19's & L-20s (Army)
- 'On-the-Town' Escapades/fun times in Bremerhaven - great stories of Red Bales...
- NEW Research Paper "River of Fire at Syracuse, U. SKYTOP" - (97-page .PDF File)

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Another REUNION - This one in Bremerhaven, Germany
(2015 Reunion-Americans in Bremerhaven)
(September 11-13, 2015)

A Reunion is planned for anyone previously stationed
at Bremerhaven. This one is organized by former U.S.
Army personnel. But all are invited. Please contact, on
FaceBook; Helga Rogers or Carroll Kelley for more

A meeting/luncheon/dinner or whatever between 2 or more former USAF Bremerhaveners.

(Album #1.  #2.  #3.  #3A.  #4.  #5.  #6. #7. #8.)
RollCall Reunion)

Take some pictures and send your photos to your Webmaster. Share these special times...

Our Website's International Visitors:

Does Anyone have 35mm Slides of Bremerhaven Days?
(Send them I'll convert them to digital, post to our Website and Return them to you)

Bremerhaven, Germany

Radio City - Snack Bar - Bowling Alley - Gym - Theater etc. Home Away From Home for a few years!

PERSONNEL Files and Information

"Ten years ago, we published the first edition of our lists of USAF personnel who served in Bremerhaven. Now, we publish this commemorative edition to honor all those who have passed before us -- some whose stay was brief as we shared a short tour of duty, others whose contact endured a little longer as we renewed friendships along the way, and yet others whose departure is felt keenly as they PCS to their heavenly home.  We salute all those who served with us and those who now serve to protect our freedom. We gladly stand ready to share our memories and our tributes with the spouses and children of those who left early. We entrust our legacy and our values to those who remain, as we reach for the heavens and rejoin our friends and comrades."
-- Arlen Trapp

(Updated: November, 2009) 

We now have 4,433 names on our lists, (our first list, published in 1999 had 836 names) which include personnel of our squadron and those who were assigned to three other Air Force units based in Bremerhaven:

1. "7011th Personnel Processing Squadron" (1950-1957)
2. "Det 1 of the 1st Tactical Missile Squadron (Matador), 585th Tactical Missile Group"(1956-1959).
3. "The 3rd SHORAN/Beacon Squadron." (1955-1959).   

Our lists are Internet Explorer enhanced at 800 X 600 resolution. The files are large in size. (In this most recent update, we have compressed most files for faster loading.) Give them time to load.


List 1: Roster of all Personnel by Last Name:

A  B  C  D  E+F  G  H  I+J  K  L  M  
N+O  P+Q  R  S  T+U+V  W+X+Y+Z 

List 2: Home Addresses and Phone Numbers:

    A+B  C+D   E+F+G   H+I+J   K+L   M+N+O   P+Q+R   S   T thru Z 

List 3: Personnel by Year of Arrival at Bremerhaven:

1950-51     1952   1953    1954    1955    1956    1957    1958    1959    1960    1961    1962    1963    1964    1965-68

List 4: Duty Assignments at Bremerhaven:

1. Headquarters, Personnel, Administration 
2. Material Branch and Transportation Branch
3. Communications Branch & Technical Svcs.
Operations Branch (Attached/Detached)
5. Operations Branch:

         Flight "A"
         Flight "B"
         Flight "C" 
         Flight "D"

6. Assignments Not Known (1950-55)
Assignments Not Known (1956-60)
Assignments Not Known (1961-68)

List 5: Duty Assignments = 7011th Personnel

7011th Personnel Processing Squadron
Det. 1 of the 1st Tactical MIssile Squadron (TMS) - 585th
3rd SHORAN Flight

List 6: "Where in the world are we, now?"

(City and State/Country of Current Residence)

Part 1. -- Foreign Countries
Part 2. -- USA: Alabama - Arkansas
Part 3. -- USA: California
Part 4. -- USA: Colorado - District of Columbia
Part 5. -- USA: Florida
Part 6. -- USA: Georgia - Idaho
Part 7. -- USA: Illinois - Kentucky
Part 8. -- USA: Louisiana - Maryland
Part 9. -- USA:
Massachusetts - Minnesota
Part 10. -- USA: Mississippi - New Hampshire
Part 11. -- USA: New Jersey - North Carolina
Part 12. -- USA: North Dakota - Oregon
Part 13. -- USA: Pennsylvania
Part 14. -- USA: Rhode Island - Tennessee
Part 15. -- USA: Texas
Part 16. -- USA: Utah - Wyoming

NOTE: If you find this information to be useful, please send items from your personal files (copies of 6913th/41st rosters, Special Orders, Personnel Action Memorandum, etc.) to Arlen Trapp, so we can continue to build and improve this historical data base. If you or any of your friends are not on the list, E-mail the details to Arlen Trapp.

Please send 6913th/41st photos (i.e. Retirement/Going-Away Parties, Sports Events, Special Dinners etc.) and other interesting information either as attachments (*.gif or *.jpg) to E-mail or by 'snail mail' and I'll add them to this Website and return them.
35mm slides are also requested. We can scan them into a digital image file and put on our Website.

Ron.Fandrick@verizon.netRon -

Ron Fandrick
2224 Ground Squirrel Dr.
New Port Richey, FL 34655-4029

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