Last revised: May 15, 2013    
Hurricane 'KATRINA'

Review of the Squadron's Concern:

One of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the United States was Hurricane 'Katrina' (Aug-Sept, 2005).  Several former Bremerhavens felt her force.

Arlen Trapp's Personnel List initially had 109 names of former 'Bremerhaveners' residing in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. We narrowed the list down to 22 families in the direct path of the storm, and began an intensive search for survivors and damage to their homes.

We found 17 who were fortunate and only had minimal damage.

We are still unable to locate 5 others.

And... we found that 6 families needed some assistance. 

Through the generous and caring donations of over 50 former 'Bremerhaveners' we received almost $5,000.00 which was distributed to those in need.

HOW You can still HELP!

We've set up a Special Squadron Account to collect donations for our members/widows.
As of May 15, 2013, we've received over $4,900.00. Please send donations to:

         6913th/41st RSM;  Arlen Trapp;   220 German Hill Rd.;  Shohola, PA 18458

         Make checks payable to Arlen, and include "KATRINA" on the Memo Line!
(NOTE: As soon as we make contact with any of our members in that area, we'll determine
the logistics of fund distribution, based on need and other factors. Thanks for helping!)
NOTE: American Legion Members, victims of hurricanes, in AL, MS, LA and TX can apply for an
emergency grant at:  -- per Bill Nye (9/28/05) The VFW may have a similar offer.

First, The GOOD News!

GOOD NEWS #1. -  Charlie ISHEE ("B" 1955-57) (Gretna, LA) (504) 393-7608 and his family are all OK with only minor damage to their home.  (Please call Eileen (251) 414-5209 - Msg for Charlie and Ruth Ishee and family of Terrytown, LA - - 9/15/05) - (9/18/05 E-mail: "We are OK, went to Conroe, TX - returned home yesterday. We were very lucky, minor dameage, and home is still intact and liveable. Thanks again for  your concern."  Charlie)
GOOD NEWS #2.. -  Bobby WOOTEN "Joe" (1962-66)  (Columbia, LA) ( 318) 649-9977 and his family are all OK and don't need any assistance.  (New address is Grayson, LA -- No contact -- friend of Mackray Champ). - (9/19/05) - First response from 22 letters sent out: "Thank you for your letter and your concern. We are OK. We are in North Louisiana on high ground...and we are fine and do not need any assistance. Take care and thanks again." Bobby Wooten)
GOOD NEWS #3.. -  Jim FROSS ("A" 1959-62) (Vancleave, MS) and his family are all OK and don't need any assistance. (228) 826-5031 - (9/22/05) - Second response from 22 letters sent out: "Thank you for very much for the concern. We are doing just fine, only had minor damage, compared to most, nothing we can't take care of. - Take care, Regards to all, Jim Fross) 
GOOD NEWS #4.. -  Phil SEIFERT ("B" 1959-62) (Spingfield, LA) - (225) 294-3321and his family had no heavy damage, they never left home. -- per phone call from Dave Beach.- (9/23/05 - Contacted by phone... No heavy damage, they never left their home, but was concerned about Hurricane Rita... unable to get through again later - Dave Beach.)
GOOD NEWS #5.. -  Gene STARNES (Security 1952-54) (Pearl River, LA)  (985) 863-0948 and his family are all OK and only had very minor property damage.(9/23/05 - Third response from 22 letters sent out: "...appreciate your concern for the safety of me and other former members of the 6913th/41st RSM. My family and I are all OK. We had only very minor property damage. Thanks... - Gene Starnes.
GOOD NEWS #6.. -  Bill LEAUMONT ("C" 1960-62) (Picayune, MS) (601) 798-6172- and his family are all OK and no damage to their house. They rode it out and did OK per Michael Page (Nephew)  (Nephew, Mike Page - "No contact yet -  9/17- but we're optimistic.")(Missing per Red Cross list) -- (9/19/05 - "Even though I have not personally talked to him, our family has had indirect contact and he and his family is doing OK. No power, no phone, some damage, but they are surviving... I will let him know of your concern as soon as I can speak to him directly. - Michael Page.)
GOOD NEWS #7.. -  Glenn CHESTNUT ("A" 1953-54) (Mobile, AL) and his family are all OK, no damage, tree limbs and debris in yard.  (251) 635-1138 - (9/28/05 - Fourth response from 22 letters sent out: "...Thanks for your interest in my well being. My family and I are all OK. We had not damage from the hurricane... lots of limbs and debris in the yard." -- With Kindest Personal Regards, C. Glenn Chestnut-
GOOD NEWS #8.. -  Francis BARNES ("D" 1953-54) (Biloxi, MS) and his family are all OK and don't need any assistance -- (228) 388-4328  (9/28/05) - Phone call: "We were very fortunate, living only about a mile from the beach. A built-up railroad between us and the beach kept the water out." Francis Barnes.
GOOD NEWS #9.. -  Clara BEVERUNG (Widow) (Harvey, LA) and her family are all OK and don't need any assistance. (504) 361-0145  SON: (504) 894-1764 (9/28/05) - "Phone conversation with her son, said they were OK."
GOOD NEWS #10.. -  Daisy BUMGARDNER (widow of James K.) (Lacombe, LA) and her family are all OK - Some roof damage, and 2' of water in their house.  (985) 882-3678  (9/28/05) - Phone call: "We're Ok though!"
GOOD NEWS #11.. -  Lorraine Burger  (widow of Bill) (Metairie, LA) and her family are all OK - 3 rooms had water damage, and they lost a big tree.  (504) 456-0107 ("I called again and got an answering machine... left a message and will let you know if someone calls back." -- Jim Odom) (9/28/05) - Phone call with granddaughter: "3 rooms have water damage..." (9/29/05) "...some of her furniture had to be thrown out, but her place is liveable" - Jim Odom
GOOD NEWS #12.. -  Myrlene  SELLERS (widow of Roger Sellers) (Abbeville, LA) and her family are all OK and don't need any assistance (337) 893-0359
(9/28/05) - Phone call: "...we're OK, but still don't have any water." per daughter - Ron

GOOD NEWS #13. MOYER, Louis ("C" 1961-63) -- (Metairie, LA -- (504) 835-7496) - (9/29/05) - Phone call "... Louis and his family are all OK. Some tree damage, lost some shingles on his roof, and food in his refrigerator. His Brother-in-Law Harold Rodrigue and his family are all OK too."  - Ron

GOOD NEWS #14.. -  RODRIGUE, Harold ("C" 1960-62) -- (Metairie, LA - (504) 833-1587) (9/29/05) - Phone call: "Harold and his family are all OK"  (per Brother-in-Law Louis Moyer) - Ron

GOOD NEWS #15.. -  TEIJELO, Donald (Trans. 1952) -- (Metairie, LA - (504) 835-6602) (9/29/05) - Phone call: "...Don and his family are all OK. No major damage, tree on roof!" (per wife Kitty - She said Don has early stages of Alzheimer's) - Ron
GOOD NEWS #16.. - PATUREAU, Edward "Ned" (1952-55) -- (Berwick, LA - (10/4/05) - per phone call by Arlen: "Ned and his family are OK, suffered no property damage."
GOOD NEWS #17.. -  QUIN, Ron -  (Son of the late Dorotha and Ned Quin) - (Gulfport, MS  (10/4/05) - Phone call from Ron - "He and his wife are OK, Home is OK, do not require any assistance." - per Jim Odom

Still Searching For:

The following list of 5 Squadron Members/Widows are still unaccounted for:

1. CHENEVERT, James ("B" 1956-59) -- (7697 Michael Ln, Ventress, LA  70783-3511) - (225) 618-8963)- (Please contact Devin Ceartas (919) 932-4363 per - 9/15/05) -- (9/22/05: ...have tried to contact Jim by phone - disconnected or changed - We are very worried about him and his wife... we will let you know if we hear from our dear friends -- Roy and Carol Shamblen).  (Missing - 9/7 - per Arnie Olson) (9/28/05) - Phone call: "Phone has been disconnected or no longer in service." - Ron - (9/24/05) "...not heard from them since Christmas." - Roy Shamblen

2. DOUCETT, Philip ("D" 1963-64) - (Moss Point, MS -- (228) 474-9403) - (Please contact Devin Ceartas (919) 932-4363 per - 9/15/05) - (9/28/05) - Phone call: "New number in (904) Area Code, but is unlisted." - Ron

3. HILLIARD, Luther R. ("B" 1957-59) (New Orleans, LA - No phone listed)

4.  ROUSH, Maree (widow of Richard C.) - (Irvington, AL - Phone not in service) - (9/29/05 - Letter (of the 22 I sent) was returned by USPS "Not Deliverable, Unable to Forward" - Ron)

5. WOLFE, Charles J. ("B" 1959-61) -- (Kenner, LA - (504) 469-1758) (9/28/05) - Phone call: "...Phone problems in area, operator suggested calling later. Tried again today 9/29 with no change" - Ron


Please let us know as soon as anyone hears from any of these people.

              or      (727) 457-5651
                                   or      (570) 559-7561

'WHO-CAN-WE-HELP' List (9/29/05)
(NOTE: Initial checks were mailed on Saturday Oct. 8,
with a small reserve in case we find any of the 5 missing folks.)

1. CLEMONS, Thomas ("A" 1957-59) -- ('Clem' says: "Thanks for thinking of us. The good news is my family is safe. The bad news is my home in SLIDELL, LA had 5 feet of water in it so everything is lost. Sad part to me is that I have lived in this house since 1961 (44 years). I hope that there is someway that I can repair it and continue to live there.")

2. HINE, Joe and Rosemarie (Maint. 1963-66) -- ("Joe, leaving Covington, LA and heading North to his daughter's house..." -- Both are unhurt, but have suffered lots of damage to their home. Trying to get ice and water, just got phone service back, tree through bedroom roof... unhurt, but mentally drained.-- Hirsch Hirschler) -- (9/22/05: ... We had a little damage, one broken bedroom window, a neighbor's pine tree on our roof causing a few holes, and two other trees blown over as well as the backyard fence, but luckily, no water damage... we got the trees removed and roof patched... Thanks to FEMA and Wal-Mart for ice, water and food... Lost all food in fridge and freezer, but we faired out well... Wal-Mart did us better than all of the other agencies, providing daily free water and ice. Thanks for your concern, and I'm sure you join me in prayers for our fellow human beings who were not so fortunate. -- Joe Hine.)

3. LYNCH, Shirley (widow of John M.) -- (Metairie, LA) -- (504) 450-7829. - "Shirley and her son Bruce are in Memphis, but are planning to go to San Antonio and stay with the Reynolds, as their house and apartment are both under water. - Gene Reynolds") UPDATE: (10/9/05) Phone call; "... just talked with Shirley Lynch. Her home is about totally ruined. Rebuilding but lost everything inside her home." - Per Arlen Trapp

4. SHIELDS, Gerald ("B" 1953-56) -- (Kenner, LA) - ("I just arrived at my son Gerald's house in Berwyn Heights, Maryland today (Sunday). I spoke to my wife for the first time since last Sunday. She and my youngest son, Derek, are alive and well in LaPlace, Louisiana. The bridges are either destroyed or too dangerous, so we don't know when we'll get together again." -- Gerald Shields.)

5. PICKARD, Gerald (Admin. 1961-63) - (Ocean Springs, MS (228) 872-3402) (Tried to call 9/7 several times - circuits busy. -- Ron) ("The Pickard's home was ruined" - per Jamie Pisarich, Fayetteville, AR - 9/16/05)

6. PRICE, William M. Jr. ("B" 1960-64) (Poplarville, MS) -- (601) 796-5717 ("...looks like our house is not gonna make it. An engineer from FEMA is coming out inspect it. Winds got up to 157 w/gusts to 195. A real mess. Can't believe we have to start over at our age." - Will Price (E-mail 9/27/05).

7. THOMPSON, Ewea (widow of J.C.)  (She is unhurt, but suffered extensive damage to her home in Gulfport, MS. Lost part of the roof, lot of water came through a window and roof, causing a lot of damage. No structural damage -- electricity still out. -- Harold Bly.)

8. MELANCON, Philibert ("B" 1958-60) -- (Saraland, AL) - ("Phil and his wife went to Georgia, when they came back they found a tree on their house, but everything else seemed OK." -- Jim Odom.)

9. BUMGARDNER, Daisy  (widow of James K.) (Lacombe, LA) and her family are all OK - Some roof damage, and 2' of water in their house.  (985) 882-3678

10. BURGER, Lorraine  (widow) (Metairie, LA) and her family are all OK - 3 rooms had water damage in their house... some of her furniture had to be thrown out, but her place is liveable" -- Jim Odom   (504) 456-0107

New Orleans, Louisiana
(For more photos and information: Times-Picayune of New Orleans)

East Biloxi, Mississippi
(For more photos and information: The Sun Herald of Gulfport, Mississippi)


NEWBY, Joseph ("A" 1958-61) -- ("Joe and Anne evacuated to their daughter's in Lake Charles, LA - They've heard that their home and subdivision has little or no damage. No water - only wind damage. Their home is on the west bank of the river, above sea level, and not in the 'bowl' that's surrounded by levees.")

LORONA, Manuel ("B" 1963-66) (Biloxi, MS (228) 435-4855) -- (Manuel is doing great! His home is on a little higher ground, and he is well per phone call 9/7 -- Ron)

STOWE, Read and Rebecca (Lucedale, MS) -- (Alive and well, house and all fared OK. Lot of trees down. Part of the horse barn blew off. )

KOLB, W. Calvin ("E" 1961-64) -- ("Weaver just got his electric back, no storm damage -- Bob Hughey")

RODDAM, James (Alabaster, AL) -- ("We got a lot of rain and wind, but only lost a bunch of limbs")

E-mail from Barry McGee, Baton Rouge, says they now have power and have a couple of families from New Orleans staying with them until they can secure more permanent lodging.

E-mail from 'Hirsch' Hirschler spoke with Eddy Pennartz, Lake Charles, LA and he's safe and sound, a little damage, and lots of rain.

1997 Grand Forks, North Dakota FLOOD! 

Note from Dave Beach "C" (early 60s) - "We received a lot of help from around the country in various forms. I was on the City Council then and saw much of what went on. There are always well-meaning people who send goods: clothes, blankets, first aid supplies, bottled water etc.  There was so much of this 'stuff' (when the Red River flooded Grand Forks) that it became another burden on the area to sort it out and distribute it. What really works is CASH, so the affected areas can purchase what they really need, in the quantities they need. Thank you for undertaking this good mission on behalf ot the squadron."