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 Photo Album #1.

Reunion 2008 - Sacramento, California

2008 REUNION Index

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1. Registration 1st Day Photos
2. Hospitality Room Activities
3. San Francisco Tour
4. Beale AFB Tour
Business Meeting
6. Banquet - Dinner/Dance

7. Attendee Photos
8. Trick/Flight Photos
Couples Photos
10. Old Sacramento

Reunion Host and Hostess

 Zane and Terri Maddox (CA)

Special Memories of Bremerhaven, Germany

Terri Maddox, Karen Fandrick, Norene Walls, John & Carol Irlbeck, Karin Matthys, Hilli Fortier
(Standing) - John & Glenda Kobiela, Ron Fandrick Twitch Wimmer

Mary Kay Olson (MN)

 Hilli Fortier, Karen Fandrick

"Although there wasn't enough interest in the planned Golf Outing...
These three lucky guys got to enjoy a round anyway!"

# 10.  ____?, Inge & Joe Daigle  (ME), Lloyd Matthys (TX)

Gary Chaika, Karin Matthys, Terri Maddox, Karen & Ron Fandrick
Arnie Olson, Tex Matthys

"More Photos - coming soon!"
(Come back and visit often!)


Several Years ago, at a Reunion Business Meeting, we voted to establish Annual Donations in the amount of $15.00 to be used to cover expenses for our Website, Reunions, Postage, Phone Calls and many other expenses involved in the continuance of an organization such as ours, including postal mailings to 1400 squadron members.

Please send your $30.00
(for 2008 and 2009) (or whatever you can afford) to our Squadron Treasurer, or to Arlen Trapp.
Checks may be made payable to:   'Al Rosenberger' - Be sure and specify on the 'Memo Line' that your donation is for our
"squadron expenses"
. (You are not obligated to donate anything, this is strictly on a volunteer basis.)

WEBSITE SUPPORT: As we add more and more photos and more Webpages to our Website, our monthly Internet server expenses increase. Additionally, we will be renewing our domain name: in 2009 which is an additional expense. As you know, your Webmaster donates his time and creative talents towards maintaining this Website and certainly appreciates your generous gift voted on at our last business meeting. Thank You! However, our treasury always needs replenishing, and a proposal was made at our business meeting to suggest contributions to support our Website. We already have received several $25.00 donations as well as some very generous donations up to $500.00. Thanks to all of you for keeping this Website one of the best tools for all of the members of our Squadron. Everyone has contributed photos and monetary support. Be sure to indicate "Website" on the 'Memo Line' of your checks.

Al Rosenberger
7896 Pavillion Dr.
Severn MD 21144               
Arlen Trapp
220 German Hill Rd.
Shohola, PA 18458


Since our 2008 Reunion is the 2nd one in a row to be held out 'West', we've decided that we need to be conscious of location in order to accommodate our members living in the East and unable to attend, for financial or other reasons, We aren't getting any younger, and as we age, some with health issues, sometimes travel plans prohibit attendance. Consequently, we've decided to alternate Reunion locations, by proposing 3 Regions: PACIFIC, EASTERN, CENTRAL.

(2008) = Pacific Region Location (Sacramento, California).
(2010) = Eastern Region
*A-Location (Savannah, Georgia).
(2012) = Central Region
*B-Location (To be named at our 2010 Business Meeting).
              First Proposals: Dayton, OH, or Minnesota
(2014) = Pacific Region
*C-Location (To be named at a later date).

*A. EAST of the Mississippi River;
*B. Between the Mississippi River and the Rockies;
*C. West of the Rockies

We lost an important Squadron Member:

"Our original 2008 Reunion Chairman, Bert 'Frenchie' Fortier, passed away on January 3, 2008. Our condolences go out to Hilli and his family. Frenchie was one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet, and always had a great smile and friendly greeting for everyone he met. His hard work on this Reunion, and his personal dedication to the Squadron can never be duplicated. He was a special person that made all of our previous reunions better by his willingness to do anything to make everyone else have a good time. His giving of his time to photograph couples and to share many other photos on our Website will be remembered by everyone who knew him. We lost a great man, but have many wonderful memories."

2008 Reunion Committee

Zane and Terri Maddox and Hilli Fortier served as Reunion Chairpersons.
(And, although fewer attended this year, it was a Great Reunion.)

CHAIRPERSONS - Maddox, Zane (Terri), & Hilli Fortier
MASS COMMUNICATOR - Trapp, Arlen (Kathy)
TREASURER - Rosenberger, Al (Betty)
WEBMASTER - Fandrick, Ron (Karen)
Chief Communications Officer - McDonald, Ralph (Ruth)

ABLE Trick Coordinator - Olson, Arnie (Mary Kay)
BAKER Trick Coordinator - Garman, Terry (Joan)
CHARLIE Trick Coordinator - Teker, Ron (Virginia)
DOG Trick Coordinator - Hassenbein, Don (Elke)
EASY Trick Coordinator - Chaika, Gary (Audrey)

MEMBER AT Large - Matthys, Lloyd 'TEX' (Karin)
MEMBER AT Large - Savage, Rex
MEMBER AT Large - Stiftinger, Francis 'Fritz'


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