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 Photo Album #10.

Reunion 2008 - OLD SACRAMENTO

Old Sacramento Photos by Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer

Tour Group to Old Sacramento

Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer & Elly Phillips (MD), Hilli Fortier (CA),
Mary Kay & Arnie Olson (MN), Karin & Lloyd 'Tex' Matthys (TX)

Joe's Crab Shack

Elly Phillips (MD), Mary Kay & Arnie Olson (MN), Hilli Fortier (CA),

Shiela & Richard Sobik (VA), James Seiberling (OH),
Charles Edens (TN), Gerald 'Sparky' Spaargaren (FL)

Charles Edens (TN), Gerald 'Sparky' & Diane Spaargaren (FL)

Richard & Sheila Sobik (VA)

Mary Kay & Arnie Olson (MN),

Robert Young and Dee  Worrill (CA)

Bea & Robert Youngblood (MD)

Dining at 'Fat City' Cafe - (Really the name of it)
"Look at the size of the Chicken Pot Pie!"

Zane & Terri Maddox, Karen & Ron Fandrick

Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer & Elly Phillips (MD)

Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer & Elly Phillips (MD) & Copper Cowboy


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