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 Photo Album #3.

Reunion 2008 - SAN FRANCISCO Tour

All Day San Francisco Tour

Hotel Lobby - Waiting for the Tour Bus to San Francisco

Still Waiting!

 Lloyd 'Tex' Matthys, Bill Craine, Arnie Olson, Baerbel Craine

Before SFO Tour - Briefing by Zane Maddox

SFO Tour Bus Arrives!

"Last Call for San Francisco!"

Leaving Sacramento...

Next Stop: San Francisco

San Francisco - "The City By The Sea"

San Francisco Tour

A National Park - (Since 1972)

'Cliff House' - (Overlooking the Pacific Ocean)

Linda and Jim Doty (FL)

Golden Gate Bridge  |  Cliff House Restaurant

National Historic San Francisco Cable Car

Lunch in San Francisco's CHINATOWN

San Francisco Neighborhoods

Before SFO Tour - Hotel Breakfast

Hilli Fortier, Tex & Karin Matthys, Baerbel & Bill Craine (in back)

Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer & Elly Phillips (MD)


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