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 Photo Album #4.

Reunion 2008 - BEALE AFB Tour
(Home of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing)

Hotel Lobby - Waiting for the Tour Vans to Beale AFB

Jethro Lee (MD), Robert Youngblood (MD), Robert Young (CA)

Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The Global Hawk provides Air Force and joint battlefield commanders near real-time, high-resolution intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery. The 12th Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale AFB is the hoe unit for the Global Hawk mission.

Pilot on ground controlling the Global Hawk.

Ron Fandrick, Carl Whaley

U-2 Dragon Lady

The U-2 is a high altitude-multi intelligence reconnaissance aircraft, flying above 70,000 ft. and providing near-real-time imagery and signals intelligence to war fighters and national authorities in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

SR-71 Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft

Karen Fandrick, Carl Whaley, ____?


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