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2010 Reunion - Album #10.
(41st - 6913th - 7011th Air Force Squadrons)

Flight/Trick Group Photos!

"A" Trick - "MOX NIX" - Bremerhaven

(Front 3) - Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer, Jim Reusch, Earl Gauthier
2nd Row) -
James Young, Jim Doty, Terry Garman, 'Hump' Walls, John James, ___?, Bryce McDonald,
Carlos Frick

(3rd Row) -
Marty Smith, Harold Belton, Farrell Murders, Pete Durante, Tex Matthys, 'Huk' Tracy, Paul Reihms,
          Joe Newby, Don Fleegle, ___?,

(Back) - John Kobiela, Zane Maddox, Ron Fandrick, Arnie Olson, Bob King, Gil 'Red' Schibelhut, ___?

"B" Trick "FLIEGERS"- Bremerhaven

(Front) Paul Meese, Bill Reed, Ron Lovell, Al Rosenberger, Jim Seiberling
Ray Huartson, Terry Garman,
(Back) -
Bill Colella, Dave DeWey, Fritz Stiftinger,___?, John Milazzo,
Gerald Spaargaren, Chuck Edens, Dick Sobik


"C" Trick -"MOBILEERS"/"HUSTLERS" - Bremerhaven

(Front) - ___?, 'Hump' Walls, Ralph McDonald, Cary Rohr, Bill Ray, Dave Beach
(Back) - ___?,
Mike Ryder, Jim Montler, Gene Martin, Charles 'Chuck' Hughes,  ___?, ___?, Don Dowling

NOTE: In 1961, Charlie Flight "Hustlers" was chosen because it was the nickname for the hot new strategic bomber the Air Force introduced early in the 1960s. The Charlie Flight  team uniforms had an image of the B-58 jet stitched on them, along with the name "Hustlers".


"D" Trick - "VIKINGS" - Bremerhaven

(Front) -Stan Supczak, Harry Gillette, Francis Mahsem, Bernard Head, James Pratko, Larry Moon
(Back) - ___?,
Bill Gallihugh, Robert Moore, ___?, ___?, Joseph Dean, ___?,


EASY Trick - "CAVALIERS" - Bremerhaven

(Front) - ___?, ___?, ___?,  ___?, Bill Ray, ___?,
(Back) -
Robert Young, ___?, Al 'Rosey' Rosenberger


"A" Trick - "MOX NIX"

Able Flight Special Savannah Dinner @ "Garabalti's"

Catherine & Huk Tracy - (South Carolina)

Don & Audrey Fleegle

Betty & Goke Gauthier

Dorothy & 'Red' Scheibelut

Linda & Jim Doty

Mary Kay & Arnie Olson

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