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2010 Reunion - Album #4.
(41st - 6913th - 7011th Air Force Squadrons)

River Boat Dinner Cruise!

Preparing to Board the Dinner-Cruise Boat! Catherine, Huk, Terri, Zane, Doug Ball


Almost time to board...

Catherine & Huk Tracy and Martin Bill Smith - ready to board the Riverboat



The Grand Buffet!


"No One Went Away Hungry..."

Zane Maddox, Dick Sobik, Terri Maddox, Neil Ortoli, Jim Seiberling, Marian Howard, Chuck Edens



Reconnecting with old friends...
(Not too much emphasis on 'old')

Terri Maddox (CA), Don & Diane Dowling (NY)

"It's always good to laugh!"

Karen Fandrick (FL), Zane Maddox (CA)

Lloyd 'Tex' Matthys (TX), Karin Matthys, Ellie, Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer (MD)

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Ortoli (CT)

Bill and Pat Reed (FL)

Joe and Anne Newby (LA)

Joseph Dean (CA), Gerald Ostrander (MD)

Joan & Terry Garman (FL)

Jim Seiberling (OH), Chuck Edens (TN), Marian Howard (TN)

"Thanks for coming - Hope you had a great cruise!"

Reunion Chairmen: Huk Tracy (2010), Zane Maddox (2008)


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