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2010 Reunion - Album #6.
(41st - 6913th - 7011th Air Force Squadrons)


Historic River Front!

River Street is reached by walking down some steep steps and across very rough
stones and bricks, but is worth the trip. A public elevator is available next to the
Hyatt Hotel, which is an easier way down to the lower level.

Shops and Restaurants on River Street - Savannah, GA

River Street's Waving Girl Statue, Florence Martus became known to seamen all over the world for waving at every ship. One legend maintains that she promised her sailor sweetheart to greet every ship until his return.

River St. had many fun stores!

"And Restaurants too..."

Zane & Terri Maddox, Diane & Don Dowling, Karen Fandrick


Zane Maddox, Karen Fandrick, Terri Maddox, Ron Fandrick
Diane Dowling, Don Dowling -
(Monday night dinner on River Street!)




Pat Reed, Terry & Joan Garman


Open River-Front Street Market





Last revised: April 21, 2013

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