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2010 Reunion - Album #8.
(41st - 6913th - 7011th Air Force Squadrons)

2010 Business Meeting!


'Huk' Tracy, Merle Arp

New Squadron Treasurer!

Zane Maddox

Business Meeting Minutes!  

Gary Chaika and Jesse Floyd

Complimentary Breakfast before Business Meeting!

____?, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Underwood


Jim & Gloria Young


____, Linda & Jim Doty


Bill Colella, John Milazzo, (Jean Brown photographer), Linda Gillette, Mrs. Head, Pete Hewitt


Ralph McDonald - (taking pictures)


Mr. & Mrs. Ron Lovell, Jean (Lovell) Brown, Bernard Head, Bill Colella


____?, ____?, Patricia & Farrell Murders


Mrs. Bernard Head, Pete & Shirley Hewitt



Gary Chaika, Alice Cooper and Jesse Floyd




Bernard Head, Bill Colella, John Milazzo




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