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2010 Reunion - Album #9.
(41st - 6913th - 7011th Air Force Squadrons)

Biennial Dinner-Dance!

"Banquet Head Table!"

Guest Speaker & wife: Paul Grassy, Mike & Terri Ryder, 'Huk' 7 Catherine Tracy


Reunion Chairman Huk - Invocation by Mike Ryder

'Huk' and Catherine Tracy

Mike and Terri Ryder

"The Fabulous Baker Boys!"

Bremerhaven "Baker" Trick:  Sparky, Bill Colella, Fritz Stiftinger, Doug Ball,
John Millazo, Ray Kalinowski, Dave deWey

Danzie & Bill Ray


Elly Phillips, Mary Kay Olson, Anne Newby


Arnie Olson, Fred 'Twitch' Wimmer


Elly Phillips, Mary Kay Olson

Last revised: April 21, 2013

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