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Reunion 2004   Photo Album #10.

      Lounging at the Hilton Hotel    

# 30. Lounging at the Hilton

Photo - Courtesy of John Kowalski

# 41. Harry and Linda Gillette

# 84. Jim Reusch, Bryce and Mary Ann MacDonald, Joe Daigle, Arnie Olson

# 82. Fred Wimmer, Jim Reusch, Christa Abbott, Hilli Fortier,
Winnie Reusch, Judy King, Frenchie Fortier

# 85. Betty Gauthier, Bert and Hilli Fortier, Edie Hambidge, Winnie Reusch

# 86. Winnie Reusch, 'Goke' Gauthier, Don Fleegle, Jim Reusch

# 81. Jim Reusch, Frenchie Fortier, Ralph MacDonald, Joe Daigel Twins, Betty Gauthier

# 172. Jim Reusch: "Did someone mention the 'Yankees'?"

# 87. Harriet Carnahan, Audrey Fleegle, Hilli Fortier, Edie Hambidge

# 83. Bob King, Earl Gauthier, Bryce MacDonald, Don Fleegle, Jim Reusch

# 88. Judy King, Jim Reusch, Bob King, Goke, Bryce and Mary Ann MacDonald, Harriet Carnahan, Betty Garrison (Karen's mother), Karen and Ron Fandrick, Don Fleegle

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