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Reunion 2004   Photo Album #9.

              Bus Tour Photos             

# 24. Touring Washington D.C.

# 60. Carol & FLoyd Irlbeck, Norene Walls, Gerald & Pat Linsten
(Waiting for a bus back to the Hilton)

     U.S. Capitol    

# 123. Harry and Linda Gillette, Connie and Fritz Mahsem, Ingrid Kowalski

# 162. Tex Mathys, Bryce MacDonald, Brent 'Huk' Tracy, Jim Reusch,
Larry Farr, Dick Hambidge, ___?,Mike Ryder
(in back)

# 116. Floyd Irlbeck, Hazel Deas, Major Crystal Deas Wagner

Photo - Courtesy of John Kowalski

 # 39. Connie Mahsem, Linda Gillette, Ingrid Kowalski

# 59. Ralph and Ruth McDonald, Floyd and Carol Irlbeck,
Norene Walls, Gale and June Muth

Photo: Courtesy of Arnie Olson

Washington Monument Reflection from the Luncheon Cruise

# 117. Ruth McDonald, Carol Irlbeck, Leo and Norene Walls, Mary and Gail Muth, Ralph McDonald

# 140. Karin Matthys, Christa Abbott, Hillie Fortier
(FDR's Dog looking on)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

# 64. Ralph McDonald giving advice to FDR  |  "The structure of world peace..."

# 142. Christa Abbott, 'Twitch' Wimmer
# 58.
Leo Walls (Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial)

                World War II Memorial             


# 120. World War II Memorial

# 122. World War II- The STARS

Photo Courrtesy of 'Twitch' Wimmer

# 61. World War II Memorial - Washington, D.C.

Photo - Courtesy of John Kowalski

# 42. Ingrid and John Kowalski (at the WWII Memorial)

# 121. WW II Memorial (Taken from the top of the Washington Monument)

# 54. Fritz, Connie Mahsem, John Kowalski, Linda, Harry Gillette

# 95. Karin and 'Tex' Mathys

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