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Our Squadron's Concern, Caring and Thanks!

-- 2005 --

Hurricane 'KATRINA'

One of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the United States was Hurricane 'Katrina' (Aug-Sept, 2005).  Several former Bremerhaveners felt her force.

THANK YOU #1.  Our Squadron's 'Hurricane Katrina Committee':

Dave Beach
Ron Fandrick
Joe Newby

Jim Odom
Jim Reusch
Arlen Trapp

THANK YOU #2.  For $4,900.00 generously given by 55 former 'Bremerhaveners':

Abbott, Christa
Beach, Dave & Jean
Benson, Hollis
Bly, Harold
Boyer, Roy
Brooker, Jim
Brown, Boyce
Brown, Jack
Cobb, John
Coleman, Jim
Crout, Don
Dean, Joe
DeArmon, Marvin
Dennison, Herb
Doerner, John
Fandrick, Ron & Karen
Flaherty, Joe
Fleegle, Don
Foree, Jerry
Gagnon, Joe
Gwyer, David
Hambidge, Dick
Hartzell, Bart
Hassenbein, Don
Hathaway, Vina
Hewett, Charles
Hurm, Nora
Ketchum, Bennie
Kowalski, J.J.
Lovell, Ron & Ilse
Ludwick, Robert
Maddox, Zane & Terri
Mahsem, Frank
Mallory, Ed
Marz, James
Matthys, Tex & Karin
Nabors, Jim
Nandor, Pat
Nelson, Gerald
Nye, Bill & Pearl
Odom, Jim
Olson, Arnie
Reihms, Paul
Reusch, Jim
Roberts, Carl (Rob)
Schutte, Charlie
Sibilski, Chester
Slack, Jim & Christa
Smith, Martin
Soltis, Eugene
Teker, Ron
Thorpe, Jim & Ilse
Tracy, Brent & Kathy
Trapp, Arlen
Wimmer, Fred

(Donations ranged from $20.00 to $300.00)

THANK YOU #3.  From some grateful, appreciative recipients of our generosity:

From Idalmi Shields (Mrs. Gerald Shields) - (Bremerhaven 1953-56):   (Katrina Photos)

"Dear Mr. Trapp & all contributors,    Tears came to my eyes when I opened the envelope and found the check for several hundred dollars. My funds were getting very low, with no source of income in the near future, the picture was getting bleak and scary.

And thank you, ALL of you angels who delivered hope to me and my family. Jerry, my husband (you call him Jack) is still in New Jersey at one of our son's home under medical care, the VA at Lyons is taking care of him; since medical facilities here weren't able to.

At present my plans are to fly there in Mid-November and drive him back home. By then, SOME of the repairs should be near completion.  My whole house needs to be gutted to remove 4' of sheetrock all around. We had flooding and wind damage, the elements attacked from all flanks -- including rear -- I am including a picture sample of the mold we are fighting. It is a nasty enemy.

Thank you again, I do not know how to thank you for all the generosity and care."

-- Idalmi R. Shields

And an E-mail from Gerald:

Dear Ron,
Through your leadership and generosity, fifty-five of our comrades contributed to a fund to financially assist those of us who were devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
I am one of them.  My family home in Kenner; a suburb of New Orleans was totaled overnight because of those storms.  My wife, youngest son and I were refugees.  Idalmi and Derek returned home a month ago and I returned two Saturdays ago.
In spite of our house being wrecked, we are living there because we have no place else to go.  The kick in the head is that we are housing three additional refugees because they are in worse shape than we.  They have no homes at all!  Things should look brighter for all of us in two weeks.  FEMA will deliver a trailer that we will park on our front lawn while we try to get our home back to a resemblance of being normal.
In addition, Idalmi and I are the only ones of us six that has returned to work.  That is the real purpose of this letter.  To express my gratitude for the check of $700.00 that you and our fifty-five comrades have sent us.  It is helping a lot!
Thanks!  God bless you. 

Gerald Shields '53 to '56

From Shirley Lynch - (widow of John M. Lynch) (Bremerhaven 1963-65):   (Card)

"Dear Arlen, Board members and Committee Members,  How kind and generous all the 6913th 'family' members were to remember us down here with their money donations. As you know, insurance companies are notorious for their shortfall. I plan to use your 'gift' to buy a winter coat (I only have 3 sets of clothing -- no winter) and a new hot water heater.

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Thanks for thinking of me."

-- Sincerely, Shirley Lynch

From Will Price - (Bremerhaven 1960-64):   (Katrina Photos)

To my fellow Comrades in arms of the 6913th/41st RSM.
First of all my family and I want to thank you for your generous gift in this, our hour of extremely hard times. Hurricane Katrina took our home and half of our possessions and most of our bank account. But we are a lot better off than a large number of our neighbors. We have our lives and our family and friends from long long ago. I want to thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers and hope the one's I offended have forgiven me and the others still think of me with a smile. I grew up in the 6913th and as I touched each of your lives you gave me a piece of yourself to guide me in my future. I have never forgotten and apparently neither have you. The world has too few heroes but I thank God that in my life I have walked among a few. Thanks Again.

From Lorraine Burger (widow of Bill Burger) - (Bremerhaven 1955-57):   (Katrina Photos)

Hello Everyone:  What else can I say - "Thank You" seems so small for all your care and concern for me.  I am at a loss for words -- All I can come up with is "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.         Your kindness will always be cherished by me and my family. I know Bill would appreciate it so much.    The check you sent me will certainly be used wisely.     Please let everyone know I really am so thankful. It is so wonderful to be remembered by such caring people.

Kindest Regards,

Lorraine Burger

From Ewea Thompson (widow of J.C. 'Tommy' Thompson) - (Bremerhaven 1952-55) (Card)

"...'Thank You' great souls. Things are moving slow. Hadn't seen the adjuster yet. But will come soon, I hope.   E.J."

"To Arlen Trapp, Assistance Committee and all members of 41st RSM who contributed so generously.  This note of gratitude is sent especially to express the warmest thanks to all of you for all your thoughtfulness.  This gift couldn't have come at a better time than this. My heartfelt Thanks to all of you. God bless you All and keep you."      

Ewea M. Thompson, "J.C.s" widow.

Shields Photos:

"Third mound of stuff out of my house, including the sofa, love seat and Misc. furnishings. it took about two weeks for the first pile to be picked up. All the streets look as if a bomb destroyed the buildings. In the area we live the heavy damage was from flooding. We have a house, but nothing inside. The brown spots on the yard are from stuff placed there, waiting to go on the curb to be picked up."

"Our bedroom before treatment -- pure bleach."

"Mold re-growth after treatment and removing all carpets and wooden molding."

Lynch Card:

Price Photos:

"Katrina's Destructive Forces!"

Burger Photos:

"The tree that was uprooted in the back yard landing on part of the deck and part of my roof."

"Some of the rubble piled up in front of my house - "wet and moldy)."

"We had to cut the drywall here to let the wood dry before we can put up a new wall."

"Some of my furnishings thrown out because they were wet and moldy."

Thompson Card:

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