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AUTOMOBILES of Bremerhaveners

Pete Beal & His 1952 Mercedes

(1956) - Phil Miller's Mercedes, Jim Hollomon, Guy Morrell

(1957) - Dick Hambidge by 1950 Mercury, Mercedes, ___?

Robert Abendshien's '53 Chev by Bldg 9 - Bremerhaven Cars of the 50s by Radio City - Bremerhaven, Germany

 Robert Abendshien's 1953 Chevy |

Cars by Radio City

1950 Ford by Hospital


50s Cars in Radio City Parking Lot VW, '53 Ford, '49 Chev

(1964) Cars of Bremerhaven - Photo by Joe Gould (1964) - Bremerhaven Cars by Joe Gould

Convertibles are always a lot of fun!

Bob Altieri's Alpha Romeo Arnie Olson by another convertable! This one needs a little TLC!

 Bob Altieri's Alpha Romeo | Leo Eckroth's MG on the Riviera. |

1957 MGA - At least 4 owners in the 6913th

Bill Gallihugh with his 1957 MGA
Previous 6913th Owners of this car:
Sgt. ___? Robinson, Ben Pethe, Charles Rotte, Bill Gallihugh

Eddie Paugh's Borgward Isabella "Huk" Tracy's Infamous Blue Opel Parking in front of a bar

Eddie M. Paugh's Red Borgward Isabella sold to Jethro Lee in 1963
Brent "Huk" Tracy's Infamous Blue Opel

Jack Deigan, Terry Garman, Vic Crognalli by 1954 MG

Jack Deigan, Terry Garman, Vic Crognalli by 1954 MG

The Ever Popular Volkswagon Beetle!

Tom Harding's Volkswagon Wayne Morris's 1951 Volkswagon

Tom Harding's VW and Wayne Morris's 1951 VW

Cars by Columbus Bahnhof

John Baptista's VW

Don Dowling's "Fritz"

Our Mercedes Benz Cars of Bremerhaven

Fun Mercedes at a Cuxhaven Beach Mercedes-Benz A Classic 50s Mercedes


(1956) - Phil Miller's Mercedes, Charles "Red" Shaver Jackson

Ever wish you still had those 'International' Classics?

Ken Hughes

Larry Robert's Porsche and Buzz Thissille's Volvo 1954 Pontiac? A Ford EDSEL Classic

Larry Robert's Porche, and Buzz Thissille's Volvo

Tom Samalis Fred Gaskill by Hum Walls 1959 Ford Tanus Ron Fandrick's 1958 Opel Record

Roger Pollock Dick Baumgartel's Volvo

Don Hassenbein

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