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Bremen Port Command's "GI Paradise"

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"GI Paradise" - Bremen, Germany

The name of the book is Bremen Port Command’s “GI Paradise”.  So far, I’ve had time to put together an index of the narrative and photographs included in the 58-page book (the index is attached also).  The book is quite fragile, somewhat damaged, but quite legible.  

The scope of the subjects covered in the book include a PR-description of all the theaters (a list of the theaters is attached to this message also), clubs, beer parlors, ice cream parlors, libraries, sports facilities (stadiums, golf course, stables, boating, gymnasiums, etc.), AFN Bremen, Chaplains, and an extensive presentation about the tour of Denmark available for any GI who wanted to spend $25.00 for a six-day excursion to Copenhagen. 

 The newspaper clippings include many items.  One shows the 17th Major Port Directory, dated May 3, 1946, an organizational listing of all offices and officials of the Bremen Enclave.  On the back-side of that page are many interesting articles (several describe the arrival of the USAT “Thomas Barry”, which transported the first dependants to arrive in the European Theater since the end of hostilities). 

Another set of clippings describe the terrible devastation and deaths caused by the huge explosion that resulted from the accidental detonation of enemy ammo stored at the Speckenbeutel dump (about one and three-quarter tons of German munitions exploded).  Three of our soldiers and 3 POWs were killed in the explosion.

                                       -- Initial Review by Arlen Trapp

Interesting Chapter Headings:

1. Greetings, Soldier!
2. Theaters
3. Sports
4. American Red Cross Clubs
6. Special Service Clubs
7. Army Exchange Service
8. AFN Bremen
9. Unit Clubs
10. The Denmark Leave Tour

More content coming in the future!

As time permits, we will be adding photos and other information. Photos include: Victory Theater, Bremen; Capitol Theater, Bremerhaven; Central Theater, Blumenthal; Victory Theater, Bremen; Liberty Theater, Bremen; "Ike Stadium", Bremen; The Dude Ranch, Bremen; The Country Club, Bremen; Stadium Boat Club, Bremen; Canoe Club, Bremen; River Club, Bremen; Die Glocke Building, Bremen; "At Ease" Club, Bremen; "Spot" Club, Bremen; Stardusters' Auger Inn, Nordholz Airport; "Gi Joe's" Number One, Bremen (beer halls); Ice Cream Parlor Number I., Bremen;

Palace, Copenhagen; Street Scene, Copenhagen; The National Scala (night club-restaurant), Copenhagen; A department store in Copenhagen; King Christian X's Summer Palace, near Copenhagen; Coq D'Or Restaurant, Copenhagen;

and much more...

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