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ENTREPRENEUR Business by Members

This is a new section designed for our members to share their home-business ventures, hobbies and
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- USAFSS Logo Items For Sale - (Calar Association)

- Business Owner: Larry Roberts donated the beautiful awards
plaque for our Reunion. Great 6913th Lapel Pins.. Order Today!

  - Book just published by Larry Tart
   (S/MSgt 1950-61)  2nd Book: "Freedom Through Vigilance"

           (1st of a planned 3 volume set - USAFSS & successor organizions)
Author Tart's Website:
Author Tart's Guestbook:

- USAFSS Items For Sale - (JJ Enterprises)

- USAFSS Video - Available & Created by Ralph McDonald 

- Support our Troops'  LAPEL PIN  & CAR TAG

- Car Tags and Hats
      Underwater PHOTOGRAPHY
      USAFSS Caps
      Handwriting Analysis
      Pro. Resumes

- 3 Books about USAF Security Service
              by  Author Wayne Babb (Chattanooga, TN)

- AUTHORS of the 6913th:
        Author McDONALD
        Author TART
        Author RYDEEN
        Author JOYCE
        Author ROMERO

- 6913th Hat Pins & Lapel Pins
 (Also Special T-Shirts and 'Trick' Hats)

- 6913th Christmas Shopping Ideas
                               (Golf Shirts, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Steins & More...)
- Book just published by J.David Joyce
                         "Not Quite an ORDINARY Life"

- Book just published by Herb Romero
(T/Sgt "C/D" 1958-61)  3rd Book: "Pearls From Many Seas"

6913th Squadron Stores

#1. Calar - TN

Plus many more items including Golf Shirts, long-sleeve Shirts, Mouse Pad and Mugs and more...
 View Store Merchandise at:

USAFSS STORE - eMail to Larry Roberts

    Checks Payable to:
P.O. Box 1299
Harrison, TN 37341

Contact Larry Roberts "C" (1959-62) at this E-Mail Link :

#2. Florida Jim - FL

(Order Online using PayPal)

Order OnLine at: or
Send check to: Jim Kaus; 2520 McCormick Rd;
Southport, Florida 32409

#3. JJ Enterprises - TX


Great Christmas gift ideas! Contact JJ-Enterprises for many more available items and pricelist.

or  JJ-Enterprises; 1610 S. 31st ; Suite 102-120; Temple, TX 76504

#4. JDL Graphics - IL

6913th's Newest Author: HERB ROMERO
Herb was a T/Sgt (29271) Morse Controller on "C/D" flight (1958-61)


                   "The Adventurers"    (2007)


                   "Always North"     (2008)
Always North recreates a four-century family tree and
depicts daily lives of early Spaniard colonists who were
instrumental in the development of southwest USA territory.
   An educational awakening for all generations.


           "Pearls From Many Seas"    (2010)
How do two people find each other in the midst of war,
drugs, and failed relationships? Follow the veteran and
divorcee as they travel the world seeking acceptance and love.
   The book also brings together a story relating to USAFSS Ops
sites and the EC-47 program in Southeast Asia - also cultural
experiences from different countries while serving there.

Buy Books on the

3 New Books about USAFSS

Chief Master Sergeant T.Wayne Babb, USAF, Retired, served with the USAF Security Service and its successor commands for over 30 years. He served overseas as an intelligence analyst and also as an instructor in the USA.

"Skivvy Nine" is the nickname for the 6903rd Electronic Security Group, Osan AB, Rep. of  Korea.

Order Directly from Booklocker:
A Tiger bye the Tail:                      
North of Knoxville - South of Atlanta:
SKIVVY NINE!:                               

Autographed books may be obtained from the author:

"Skivvy Nine!" = $17.95
"North of Knoxville - South of Atlanta" = $21.95
"A Tiger by the Tail" = $15.95

(Plus $4.00 Shipping and Handling)

Professional Video Produced by Ralph McDonald

Order Directly from Ralph:   (951) 674-8004

License Plate (Some states don't require State Tags on the front of vehicles!)

Car Tag ($11.00) (includes postage)

Contact Jim Kaus for order information!

Order OnLIne at: or
Send check to: Jim Kaus; 2520 McCormick Rd;
Southport, Florida 32409

New - USAFSS LAPEL PIN ('Support our Troops')

Lapel PIN ($6.00) plus $1.00 for shipping

Order OnLIne at: or
Send check to: Jim Kaus; 2520 McCormick Rd;
Southport, Florida 32409

USAFSS Caps For Sale
Two Styles Now Available

Click on Either
Photo for more
Information and

Contact Larry Roberts "C" (1959-62) at this E-Mail Link

Professional Résumé Service

Want To Hire A Professional Résumé Writer?

Career Counselor, Expert Résumé Writer, Job Search Planner, and Lecturer with 20+ years of developed, professional expertise serving a diverse range of clientele in the Arts, Business, Education, Manufacturing, the Military, and other career tracks.

Serving clients, "In-Person" in the Pittsburgh region of Western Pennsylvania and Nationally and Globally via the Internet.

Résumé Writing Resources & Job Search Tools

- Develop your own job-winning résumés and cover letters with Résumés & Cover Letters OnDisk©, an innovative, IBM PC compatible (DOS and Windows), résumé program and digital resource library that contains over 535 full-text résumés and 275 cover letters for varying disciplines.

- The program contains leading-edge résumé templates in MSWord and WordPerfect, HTML templates for web publishing, and résumé writing tips and techniques. The program has been authored and published by a working Career Counselor with 20+ years of developed expertise in serving successful clients.

Résumés & Cover Letters On Disk

$ 22.95, plus $5.00 shipping and handling, when program disks are ordered and delivered via the U.S. Postal Service serving the United States, Territories, and FPO - APO addresses.

$ 18.95 total, if ordered with PayPal's secure credit card or cash transfer system, and delivered via email file attachment to U.S. or foreign - out-of-country-locations. Orders must be made from an E-mail address that accepts file attachments and downloads

Visit our Website for more information:


Dennis Duez
P.O. Box 142
Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 832-2310


Handwriting Analysis

The Handwriting Analyst
(Caricature by Kathleen Kurdilla)

Entertainment Programs

Dennis Duez is an expert Handwriting Analyst with 20+ years of experience providing sensitive, humorous, jaw-dropping, and mind-boggling entertainment, for a wide range of special events

Speaking Engagements & Guest Lectures

In another entertainment vector, Dennis also serves as a guest speaker at sales meetings and conferences, offering a fresh look at ways to establish and grow business relationships.

Gift Certificates

Looking for a particularly unique and memorable gift? Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificates are also available to surprise that hard-to-buy-for person on your gift list. Send a payment for $45.00, for each gift certificate to the address below.

Visit our Website for more information:

To Book A Date For Handwriting Analysis Programs Contact:

Dennis Duez, ACFE
P.O. Box 142
Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 832-2310


Novel by  Ralph "Mac" McDonald
(Bremerhaven - 1958-61)

"Effects of the Magnetic North Pole" (Published in 2004) by Ralph McDonald  - (Bremerhaven: 1958-61) - This work of fiction is about two young men who join the Air Force during the height of the Cold War in the late 1950's. From San Antonio to Biloxi to Monterey and th 6913th RSM.

 Available now at Online Bookstore:


This is the fictitious account of the men and women who served in the U.S. Air Force gathering signals intelligence for the little known and top secret NSA (National Security Agency).

The story follows two young men, Mark Nobel and Snoopy Richards, who join the Air Force during the height of the Cold War as they struggle through basic training, language school and finally to Europe where they settle into a routine in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Events mark their tour of duty in Germany: The Soviets launch Sputnik, Buddy Holly dies in a plane crash, PFC Elvis Presley arrives in Europe, and the U-2 spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union. Mark falls in love with a German girl and must choose between his heart and his loyalty to duty.

Along the way, they get mixed up with an East German Stasi agent who is running a spy ring of prostitutes in the town of Bremerhaven. To make matters worse, the agent is a beloved uncle of Mark's lover.

The story begins with sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and ends at sunset in the Barents Sea. It is told with humor as it follows the exploits of the two friends as they take a trip into the world of espionage and spys.



About the Author  
Ralph McDonald is a retired computer geek living in Southern California. He served in the USAF in communications intelligence during the height of the Cold War in the late 1950's. Following his service, he worked in computers and data processing until his retirement in 2002.

So, check the sofa for all the loose change you can dig up, you need $12.95, and then click on the following publisher's website and order this must-have book:

NOTE: This book is also available as an eBook on the same Website @ $6.95, which may be downloaded to your computer as a .PDF file (Windows) or .SIT file (Mac). Use your Credit Card and order either edition today!

Newly released book by Larry Tart
(Bremerhaven - 1960-61)

"Freedom Through Vigilance" (Volume I - Published in September, 2010)

Author Larry Tart offers an appealing, in-depth history of the USAFSS, for decades the most secretive command in the Air force. A retired Senior Master Sergeant and career Russian linguist, he provides a rare look at Air Force signals intelligence operations, now possible following declassification of much of the Cold War SIGINT mission.

This book reveals hundreds of first hand accounts shared by airmen and officers who created USAFSS history. Former Security Service members share precise details of the intelligence gathering role they performed against the backdrop of the Cold War, including times when it heated up - the Cuban Missile Crisis, and during war - Korea and Vietnam.

"Freedom Through Vigilance" is the first of 3 volumes, and includes many photographs describing the nature of the command's work.

  • Volume I. - USAFSS General History and Women in USAFSS - (2010 - now available for purchase)

  • Volume II. - USAFSS History in Europe and Middle East

  • Volume III. - USAFSS History in Alaska and the Far East

    Volume IV. - USAFSS Airborne SIGINT Reconnaissance (to be published later)

"Freedom Through Vigilance"

Click HERE to order an autographed copy!
Contact Author:
Visit Larry's Website:

Book Reviews & Comments - Guestbook:

"The Price of Vigilance"
(Published in June, 2001)

Book Co-authored by Larry Tart
(Bremerhaven - 1960-61)

"The Price of Vigilance"  deals primarily with Soviet attacks on American recon aircraft during the Cold War. Larry also includes a brief history of the USAF Security Service. Check out his book on his website at: or purchase the book from your local bookstore or from Online bookstores: or

Book Co-Authored by Larry Tart


"The Price of Vigilance" is a history of airborne communications intelligence reconnaissance, with emphasis on the shootdown of Air Force C-130 #60528 over Armenia in 1958, killing 17Americans. It traces airborne COMINT reconnaissance from the heady days of nisei Japanese linguists on RB-24 missions in the Pacific in 1945 to Cold War airborne COMINT reconnaissance—initially aboard RB-29 #44-62290 and Blue Sky RC-47s over Korea in 1952, and later in RB-50s and C-130s in Europe from 1956.

A 60-page introduction describes the Navy EP-3E and Chinese fighter air incident in April 2001, plus related Cold-War U.S.-Chinese air incidents. In addition, the book documents a dozen Cold War U.S.-Soviet air incidents with the loss of 98 American lives.

On the C-130 shootdown, the book chronicles in detail the facts about: the inadvertent overflight of enemy airspace; how the Soviets shot down the plane, yet denied complicity; how the lost crew's families were kept in the dark for four decades, and how the government tried to bring the families closure by finally honoring the crews after the Cold War. The authors—themselves former airborne intercept operators—describe for the first time how American recon crews monitored enemy communications during the Cold War.

Book Reviews & Comments - Guestbook:

Novel by "Frosty" Rydeen
(Bremerhaven - 1961-63) -

"Going In To Get Out" (Published in December, 2001) by A. Livingston Rydeen - This is the first novel of a trilogy about a young man's life experiences in Chicago during the late 50s and later in the Air Force. Available at Online Bookstores: or

Novel by "Frosty" Rydeen


"Going In To Get Out" is a novel about life, as seen through the eyes of a young man growing up on the far south side of Chicago, during the late fifties, early sixties.

The main character, R.T.Davis is a very likeable, but all too manipulative kid raised in, what would be considered by today's standards, a completely dysfunctional family.

The novel depicts the innocence of the times as it follows the funny, sometimes sad and quite often bazaar antics of R.T., and his life long buddy Eyes, for the year and a half prior to his "taking full control of his life" and enlisting in the United States Air Force.

It shows that those seemingly brilliant ideas young men have do not always shine as brightly when put into play but good friendships are truly etched in stone. We also see that particular era of our history, thought of so fondly as the "good ole times" by those who were there, may not have been quite as depicted on Father Knows Best, or Ozzie and Harriett, or was it? Judge for yourself.

New Book by "JD" J. David Joyce
(Bremerhaven - 1959)
Personal Website:

  Recently published by J. David Joyce: "Not Quite an Ordinary Life" -- A memoir that includes twenty years in the USAFSS (292xx and 202xx) including assignment to Bremerhaven. Old timers will appreciate the opportunity to reminisce a little and younger veterans may get a kick out of the way things were done in the old days.

336 Pages - Published February, 2009
Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Purchase and autographed copies available from the author:

"YOU ARE THE FUTURE" (An Introduction to the Real World for Young Adults) by J.David Joyce - My goal in writing this book was to offer advice and brief instruction to young adults with regard to what will face them as they step into adulthood.  Since young adults are not necessarily inclined to purchase self-help books, my target purchasers are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of my target readers who may be interested in offering help through the written word.


The book covers many areas of interest and is written in an easy reading style designed to keep the interest of our very busy youth who may not have much time for reading.  You may strongly agree or strongly disagree with parts of the book but hopefully your can accept that young people will be better served if they are introduced to controversial ideas regardless of your position on them.


The book may be purchased for $16.95 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling. 
Please make checks payable to PR&D and mail to:


46 Marlborough Road,
North Haven, CT  06473.


"You Are The Future", an easy to read, no nonsense, straight forward book that provides young folk with little "nuggets of gold" Joyce discovered from his own life experiences.  From dealing with death, grief, religion, politics, and economics to political correctness, conspiracy theories, personal responsibility, and the culture of "victimization", Joyce pulls no punches in dispensing opinions and advice on some highly controversial topics.

Any parent or grandparent with a fledgling ready to leave the nest would be well advised to include this book in the "survival kit".  It may not be magic, but it may help the young person in dealing with the slings, arrows, and hand grenades life sometimes tosses in our direction.  I sure wish I'd had something like it when I began my journey.  I may have avoided some of the cuts, contusions, scrapes, and abrasions that come with venturing into the real world.

-- Author T. Wayne Babb "North of Knoxville-South of Atlanta" and "Skivvy Nine"

(My first book, "A Guide to Many Happy Tax Returns" (1988) which is out of print was written based on my experience as an Internal Revenue Service agent.  My goal in writing the book was to convince taxpayers that, for most, filing a tax return is simple work and paying high fees to tax preparers is unnecessary.)

Polo Shirts and Caps FOR SALE

Caps and Polo Shirts - For Sale!

1. Caps = Contact Larry Roberts
$21.95 + $3.85 Priority USPS

2. Polo Shirts and Caps = Contact:
Quali-i-Tees; 420 W. Oakland Ave.
Wash.C.H., OH 43160
Phone: (740) 333-8337

Polo Shirts (SM-XL) = $23.00 + S&H
Polo Shirts (XXL) = $24.50 + S&H
(Black, Navy, Red)
Name or Rank on Rt Side = $6.00

Hats = $14.00 + S&H
Name on Back = $6.00

Jackets FOR SALE

6913th RSM Trick Jackets (modeled after the actual jacket). Price of $121.00 each plus $5.00 shipping - includes microfiber (really light) tan jackets (like our AF tans) in S-M-or L plus all 87,000 stitches (the eagle on back is very complex)! Jackets can be ordered directly from:

Xtreme Stitches
Hershey, PA
(717) 533-3882

Unique Underwater Photography

John Andrew's Aqua Action -- "Explore the Wonder, Experience the Magic, That is the Sea."

Over the years I have compiled thousands of beautiful underwater photographs from reefs as far as Indonesia, Tahiti, Maui, Hawaii, Mexico and the British West Indies. Many of the best have been scanned and edited so I can share my hobby with others. These images make beautiful, affordable and original gifts for weddings, houseguesting, etc.

(NOTE: Purchased photos will not have the watermark!)

View his photo gallery or download free desktop backgrounds or screen saver.

  • Aqua Photos

  • Aqua-Bio

  • AquaFAQs

  • Aqua Forums

  • Aqua-dmics

  • Downloads

  • AquaStore

  • AquaLinks

Visit Aqua Action Website at:

Features of this Website:
-- A vibrant categorized photo gallery.
-- AquaFAQ's. Common questions and answers.
-- Aqua Forums. A complete categorized bulletin board system for divers and photographers to meet and chat.
-- Aqua-demics. A description of my recent video documentary complete with a video clip from the feature.
-- Downloads. A section where you can download a free screen saver and 4 desktop backgrounds for your computer.
-- AquaStore. A dynamic shopping cart system allowing users to purchase the different products offered. These products include photographs in various sizes, screen savers and "The Living Reef" video in various formats.

NEW SECTION (July, 2006)

We invite all former 'Bremerhaveners' to send us the address of their personal Websites.
We would be happy to add them to the list below.
Please send your URL WWW Address to:
Ron Fandrick, Webmaster at
Personal Websites by Our Members

Larry Roberts = Send eMail to:
Larry Tart =
Jim Kaus =
JDL Graphics  =
Cafe Press =

Ron Lovern = - (Ron Lovern Recordings)
Ron Lovern = - (Ron Lovern's Bluegrass Page)
Ron Lovern = - (FSX Flight Simulator, Houston, TX-KIAH)


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