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"Fun Stuff" -  Bremerhaven  Clowns!

Namesake for Charlie Flight Teams

B-58 HUSTLER Jet Bomber
(Slightly re-designed by Ron Lovern)

("Was that window background intentional or a surprise?"
(Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks - Clearwater, FL) 

Ben & Marlene Jameson, Judy & Bill Curry
"Bill was their best man in 1956 in Bremerhaven & claims he's still the best in 2009"

Bill Curry | Superman 'Man of Steel'

For our Russian Friends!

(2007-08) - Sinclair, Maine USA

Joe Daigle's 'Winter Fun - in Maine'

Arnie Olson's 'Winter Fun - in Minnesota''

Or Would you prefer Ron's 'Winter in Florida'?

(2006) - Stockholm, Sweden

Jim Reusch at the Ice Bar in the Nordic Sea Hotel - Stockholm

Would you believe? A Morse Code Watch!

Found by Don Hassenbein on eBay - (Tiny Clocks in Canada)

   (1961) - "Bremerhaven Rockettes!"

Jim Batton, Harold Belton, John Hickman, ____?,
William Price Jr., Tom "Pear" Katcher

"Did We Have FUN, or What?"

Larry Kirk knows how to relax!

Another "Big Anita?"
(Click HERE for the REAL "Big Anita's" Photo Album)

Check that Big Smile on Jim Reusch!

(2000) - Reunion, Colorado Springs, CO

Frenchie Fortier and Joe Daigle Twins

(2002) - Reunion, Ft. Mitchell, KY

Frenchie Fortier and Hilli having a great time!

Frenchie is ALWAYS Smiling and Having Fun -- Except Once:

"What could he possibly be thinking here?"

(2002) - Reunion, Ft. Mitchell, KY

Chuck 'Mac' McCarville

Janet McCarville


Great Reunion Entertainment!

(2006) - New Air Force Concept Uniform

"This test uniform, reminds me of the Nehru jacket back about 30 years ago.
What do you think? 1918 enough for you? Or warrior-like USMC dress?"
-- Ralph McDonald

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