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-- 2014 --

(12/21/2014) Bremerhaven. (Dec. 22, 1956) - Courtesy of John Boyers
Proposal to Reactivate 41st RSM to 41st IS (Intelligence Squadron)
- 6913th Logo Items may now be ordered directly from Larry Roberts - 'C' - (1969-62)

-- 2013 --

(10/11/2013) - Skytop Memorial Dedication Ceremony - 04 October 2013
(10/11/2013) - New Index of Webpages of extensive research of the Syracuse Fire!
(10/11/2013) - "Mini Reunions" - California, New York, Florida @ Rochester, New York
(09/19/2013) - New link to  USAFSS Sites in Turkey: Karamursel, Samsun, Trabzon, Sinop etc.
(09/02/2013) - Arlington National Cemetery - Memorial - 60528's Last Mission - 9/2/58

- New Photo Album - Jimmy Knight - (Bremerhaven 1961-64) "Baker/Easy"
- Beer Stein Collector/Historian looking for photos and/or purchasing steins
- "Prop Wash Gang" - Special USAFSS Website -- "Silent Warriors"
(03/03/2013) - SNOW in Speckenbütel Stadtpark - Bremerhaven - by Ursula Braun
- New Photo Album - Phil Miller - (Bremerhaven 1954-57)
(02/09/2013) - Bremerhaven golf course and landing strip for L-19's & L-
- 'On-the-Town' Escapades/fun times in Bremerhaven - great stories of Red Bales...
- NEW Research Paper "River of Fire at Syracuse, U. SKYTOP"

(12/18/2013) - New Jim Knight Photo Album #2. - (Bremerhaven 'B/Easy' 1962-64)
(12/15/2013) - Special New Benches installed at Skytop Memorial - (Photo courtesy of Larry Tart)

-- 2012 --

(06/01/2012) - USAFSS to AFISRA - A transition, brief history and continuing legacy...
(01/09/2012) - New Air Force Emblem, Enlisted Ranks, and Officer Ranks - (...since many of us were discharged)

-- 2011 --

(11/11/2011) - Names of 7 Syracuse Fire Deaths and 13 Hospitalized (also Merfeld Biography & Photos)
- Veterans Day (11/11/11) - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Photo Project
(10/09/2011) - First Day in Air Force Photo - Lackland AFB - Briefing by a T/Sgt - (Courtesy of Dale Heisler's Son, Troy)
(07/14/2011) - New and Revised MASTER PHOTO ALBUM INDEX & Personal Pages
(05/23/2011) - New German Website - US-Theatre in Bremerhaven Weddewarden
(02/27/2011) - New Travel Photo: Barcelona, Spain - by our Bremerhaven Friend: Georg Krutwig
(01/27/2011) - City of BREMERHAVEN Photo Albums - (Over 25 Albums)

MASTER INDEX (Alphabetical)

1945 Bremen Port Command Book Review
2004 Photos from a Bremerhaven Friend! - Gregor Panknin
2011 Views of Bremerhaven - (Courtesy of R.D. Brown, MP - 1969-71)
21st Century - Bremerhaven Photos
3rd Shoran Beacon Squadron - Delta Site (1955-1958)
41st RSM Change to 41st IS (Intelligence Squadron)
"A Few Good Men" - Poem by 'Mac' McCarville
American-German Culture Center
Americans in Bremerhaven Book: "Vorort von New York?"

Armed Forces Network - Bremerhaven - AFN
      - 'Golden Days' Radio Memories

Armed Forces Day Parade in Bremerhaven - Great Photos
A Spy Returns to Berlin and Russia - Jim Reusch
     European Cruise 2006 - (Bremerhaven 1955-59)

Authors We Know
AUTOMOBILES of Bremerhaveners

Baker Flight Mini-Reunion - Land-O-Lakes, Florida -    Fantasy of Flight Museum

Bars and Partytime Music...(A little Tom T. Hall fun story-telling!)
B'haven Bahnhof "Going-Away Parties"  (Need More Photos!)
"Big Anita's" Photo Album - Contribute your photos today!
"Blutsbrüder für dei Ewigkeit"
Book (in Deutsch) -  "Bremerhaven und die Amerikaner"
Brant Cramer & Edith - (Bremerhaven Snack Bar, Leesburg,FL-Bakery)
BREMERHAVEN City Photos (old & new) INDEX
DANCE Album - by Ursula Müssigbrodt - Langen, DE
BREMERHAVEN - (2007) - Bernd Schumacher
Take a 2011 tour of Bremerhaven OnLine - Website
         (Tourist Information, Parks, Webcams and more!)
Brig. Gen Paul Tibbets - Pilot of "Enola Gay"
C-E Maintenance Photo (1964)
CALENDAR - from Elfi-Bar
Car Toys of Don Hassenbein - 2007
Cartoons (by Mac)
C.C.C.P - Historical Russia and our Mission

Re-Design of Charlie Flight 'Hustlers' Namesake
CHARLIE FLIGHT IS FAMOUS: Only Trick to have it's own Webpage & Website
Check out this "70-Something" SKYDIVER!
COUPLES Albums #1.  #2. #3. #4.
Cuban Missile Crisis Photos
Cuxhaven Beach Cabanas -
Great 'People-Watching' Beach
Distinguished Flying Cross - J. Weiss
Elvis Presley in Germany - (1959-1962)
European Travels: 1. Copenhagen, 1A. Holland, 2. Berlin,
     2A. Cuxhaven, 3. Paris/Belgium/Italy,
     4. UK/Scotland/Norway, 5. Garmisch
'Fishtown' Historical Summary and Interesting
Flag-Draped Coffin - Explanation and Photos


Florida Mini-Reunion "Dog Trick" -
Florida Dunedin & The Cape - Kowalski
Former Base Chapel/Museum

Frauliens and G.I.'s new PARTY ALBUM!
Freedom Through Vigilance Association - (FTVA) - Air Force  (ISR) and anyone
            who ever served in the USAFSS.
Florida Sunshine Chapter of (FTVA)
Larry Tart's New Book:
"Freedom Through Vigilance"
"Frozen Tundra" - Reusch in Stockholm, Sweden - 2006
FUN! "Three Score and Ten" Birthday Party Photos...
FUN with the Bremerhaven Clowns

"The Girl and the GI" - Proposed sculpture Metropol Hotel
God's Yellow Pages
Going Back to Bremerhaven Again!
Green Room Theatre - @ Radio City
Historical Bremerhaven Photos - Hermann Baüerle
History of the 6913th RSM
Hotel Metropol - New Photos...  - Springtime Country Party
Hyperlink to Website of a German Friend: Ralf Schmitz
An  International Celebrity at Keesler AFB - April, 1951
             (Also stationed in Germany)

Joe Daigle Fishing Adventures: Maine & Kodiak, Alaska
Russian Seal - KGB

Lackland AFBBasic Trng. Classes - Memories
                          Album #1.  #2.  #3. - Need ID Help!
Last Day - House Schiefhausen in Rickmersstraße - Schumacher
Metropol Hotel  - (Lifetime Bremerhaven Friends)
                           Album #1.     Album #2.   Album #3.   Album #4.

"Mini-Reunions" - Curry/Jameson/Daigle/Fandrick/Dowling
Misawa, JP & Bremerhaven, DE USAFSS RollCall
Mission Statement
Morse Code Watch - Hassenbein
Museum der 50er Jahre - Photos from
       Ursula Műssigbrodt - (Langen, Germany)

Music From Bremerhaven: "Seemann" - "Lili Marleen"
NAGS (Navy Cryptological Technician's Reunion (1993)
News Article about RB-47 "Spy Flights"
No Name Photo Album -- Need ID Help!
NORDSEE-ZEITUNG 6913th Website Article (2006)
Officer Reunions
Official Website of the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE
Online German Phone Book
Parks Bremerhaven
Party Photo Albums "Fun in Bremerhaven"
Patches - Logos
More Party Photos - Fun times in Bremerhaven back in the 50s...

Photos By Werner Mohr Album #1. #2. - Bremerhaven, DE

"The Port Reporter" - New Photos from Don Strickland                                      (Base Newspaper Staff)
"The Port Reporter" - New Photos from John Bowers
                                        (December 22, 1956)
Professional USAFSS Video (DVD or CD ROM)
by Ralph McDonald

Radio Luxembourg - Memories from Germany
"Red Shirt Friday's" - "Support Our Troops"
Roll Call (USAFSS)
      Roll Call "Mini-Reunion" St. Augustine, FL - J.J. Johnson (1952-64)
Rote Mühle
Reunion History
Swings, Mids and Days (SMD) Reunion

Syracuse Fire:

From Bldg M6 - My Remembrances of that Fatal Fire...
NEW Research (97-Page .PDF Document) by Arlen Trapp
Rare photos taken during the First 73 Seconds of the Deadly Syracuse Fire (1959)

Syracuse Fire - January 6, 1959

1959 Syracuse University FIRE                
Two Minutes of Terror at Skytop
                   Actual Photos           
Historical Newspaper - Reprints              
Human Toll -- Casualties, Survivors, Next-of-Kin
Probable Cause and Proposed Remedies       
Legal Action -- Court Settlements/Resolution 
Language Class Rosters at Syracuse U.
Life at Syracuse for the Air Force 
(01/06/2012) - 53rd Anniversary of Syracuse University Fire -               (Letters to the Editor - Post-Standard)

Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY - Graduation 1959
Tech Schools-USAF
Top Secret Mission - Bremerhaven USAFSS
USAFSS No longer exists - Read The Transformation.
USAFSS Info on Wikipedia - (Submitted by Leo Walls)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Virtual Wall
Visit Bremerhaven - (2005) - Werner Mohr
Winter in Maine, Minnesota, or Florida - (2007-08)
WHO is Arlen Trapp? - (1955-62) (We've All Heard From Him!)
Wonderful Appreciation Letters from 'Katrina' VictimsWWII Posters - 16 additions to the ones we already had.


Click on any photo below to link to a Photo Album of several memorable photos in that category.

Recruiting Posters of WWII and Cold War

Posters courtesy of Steve Hokhold

Ode to the Silent Warriors

(Courtesy of John Anderson)

A Piece of Trickery!

"Deception - Fraud - Omissions - Concealments - Partial Knowledge - Poor Judgment"

These are words to describe situations that occasionally surface, for whatever personal reason, to
describe occurrences in some people's lives, or in their thoughts, minds, dreams etc...

Remember Don Garlock, a couple of years ago, made up some ridiculous stories about his adventures
and got a lot of publicity that was later proved to be false.

The newspaper article below is another example of "A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing!" and
A gross exaggeration! I should have done some investigation before putting it on this website.

----------------------------------------------- Some E-mail comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------

"Cold War Gone Hot" - Hypothetical engagement, Soviet Airforce MIG-19 shoots down a USAF RB-47
Stratofortress during the 1960s. Painted by David Pentland - Limited Edition prints may still be available

------------------------------(RB-47 Aircraft) --  Excerpts from this Website:


8 May 1954 Three US Air Force RB-47E Stratojet reconnaissance planes took off from RAF Fairford in England. Two of the Stratojets flew as airborne spares and turned back before the overflight began. The remaining plane penetrated Soviet airspace near Murmansk. The plane flew over numerous Soviet air fields and naval facilities conducting photographic reconnaissance and making radar scope images of the various facilities. The RB-47E continued to Arkhangelsk before turning west and heading back to England. The USAF plane was intercepted by MiG fighters after being over Soviet territory for about 50 miles. Initially, MiG-15 Fagots were spotted, but a short time later a flight of MiG-17 Frescos appeared. The operational deployment of the MiG-17 was a significant surprise to the crew of the RB-47. When the MiG-17s climbed to approximately the same altitude as the reconnaissance plane (38,000 feet) they opened fire. The Soviet fighters each made single shooting passes at the USAF plane. The RB-47 was equipped with a tail gun controlled by the copilot and returned fire but did not hit any of the Soviet planes. One MiG was able to hit the Stratojet with several rounds and caused moderate damage to the wing and fuselage. Before the MiGs were able to shoot down the USAF plane, it crossed the border into Finland and the MiGs broke off the attack. However, during the attack the RB-47's fuel tanks were hit and the plane nearly ran out of fuel before it was met by a Boeing KC-97 tanker for in-flight refueling. The RB-47E landed safely in England a short time later.

8 May 1954 A US Air Force RB-47 Stratojet of the 51st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing flying a photo reconnaissance mission over the Northern USSR exchanged gunfire with MiG-17 Frescos. The RB-47 was lightly damaged, but the crew of Hal Austin, Carl Holt and Vance Heavilin got home safely.

26 July 1958 A US Air Force RB-47, flying from Iran, was intercepted by Soviet fighters over the Caspian Sea 130 miles east-southeast of Astara. The RB-47 evaded the fighters and fled to safety.

31 October 1958 A US Air Force RB-47 Stratojet was attacked by Soviet fighters over the Black Sea. The crew of three were not injured and the aircraft returned safely to base.

7 November 1958 A US Air Force RB-47 Stratojet was attacked by Soviet fighters, east of Gotland Island over the Baltic Sea. The crew of three were not injured and the aircraft returned safely to base.

17 November 1958 A US Air Force RB-47 Stratojet was attacked over the Sea of Japan by Soviet fighters. The crew of three were not injured and the aircraft returned safely to base.

1 May 1960 A CIA Lockheed U-2C (Article 360, 56-6693), flown by Francis Gary Powers from Peshawar Pakistan, was shot down by an SA-2 Guideline missile, near Sverdlovsk, USSR. Recent evidence says that Powers was shot down by the first of three missiles fired by a battery commanded by Mikhail Voronov. A Soviet MiG-19 Farmer pilot, Sergei Safronov, was shot down and killed by another SA-2 Guideline fired later in the incident. Powers bailed out and parachuted to safety. He was then taken captive and later tried in a Soviet court. After serving some time in prison, he was released, in exchange for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel on February 10th, 1962 in Berlin.

25 May 1960 A US Air Force C-47 was forced to land in East Germany by Soviet MiGs. The nine crew members were held captive until July 19th 1960.

1 July 1960 A US Air Force ERB-47H Stratojet (53-4281) of the 38th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, flying over the Barents Sea was downed by Soviet pilot Vasili Poliakov, flying a MiG-15 Fagot. Co-pilot Bruce Olmstead and navigator John McKone survived and were taken captive. The pilot, Bill Palm and ELINT operators Eugene Posa, Oscar Goforth and Dean Phillips were killed. Olmstead and McKone were released from Soviet captivity on January 25th, 1961. Bill Palm's remains were returned to the US on July 25, 1960. Eugene Posa's remains were recovered by the Soviets, but never returned to the US.

---- Many other aircraft incidents listed on this Website ----


        E-mails received about the  "Secret War" Article below:

"Interesting article, but grossly exaggerated... Some factoids give it a ring of truth... Ferret flights were real
and common, but rarely ventured 'hundreds of miles' inside the Soviet border... "

"...we never lost 10 aircraft in 10 days. Other than the U-2 on 1 July 1960, only one RB-47 was downed in
the Barents Sea off the Kola Peninsula."   (excerpt from Ralph McDonald's book): "Effects of the Magnetic
North Pole

"One of the best sources of information about U.S. Military Aircraft shot down by the Soviets is a book by
Larry Tart and Robert Keefe: "The Price of Vigilance", which includes a list of such 'incidents' in Appendix D
listing eight losses of aircraft and crews from 1951-1960."

Book Co-Authored by Larry Tart

"...don't know this guy at all... I put in over 3 years in Bremerhaven and never once heard of the 8--8-8
part of it. And I was a ditty bopper."

"...Len Spangler's information is not reliable -- too much of it was not factual.  I spoke with Len Spangler
about his recollection of his Wash. D.C. visit to tell his story to Congress."

"His story has been discussed over many years, and until or unless we get a declassified version of this
story from the Pentagon or the Congressional Committee, we won't know 'The Rest Of The Story!"

"Len Spangler, Morse Intercept Operator, Dog Flight (1956-57) died at the age of 64 on 19 February 2004."

SECRET WAR: U.S. pilots shot down, killed, captured in Russia

This news article was published in the Fresno, California newspaper:"Fresno Bee" in
March, 1993 and submitted by Fritz Stiftinger (Bremerhaven 1960-63).

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