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REUNION 2002 - Photo Album #1. #1a. |  #1b.

Special Thanks to "Mac" McCarville and all of his team for a great Reunion!
Link to Mac's Poem: "A Few Good Men" - (1998)

Guest Speaker, for our 2002 Reunion, had to cancel due to illness:
General Paul Tibbets, "Enola Gay" Pilot --
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Drawbridge Inn - Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Nice Hat, Frenchie! Breakfast at the Drawbridge Inn

'Frenchie' (Official Photographer) | Hilli Fortier, Gloria and Floyd Rhyne, 'Frenchie' Fortier

Who was at our 9th Reunion - 2002?

Enlarged/Close-up Photos: Left, Center, Right

Our Spouses, Girlfriends, and Friends!

Enlarged/Close-up Photos: Left, Center, Right

Photo Courtesy of Fred "Twitch" Wimmer

(Front) - Hop Cassidy, Jim Reusch, Ron Brush, Jess Lebow, Dave Olson, Fred Wimmer
(Back) - Arnie Olson, Arlen Trapp, Elmer Swope, Marty Wiseman, Don Fleegle, Dick Hambidge, Joe Newby, Bill Brown, Leo Walls, Tex Matthys, Bob King

HELP: Please share your Reunion Photos! Several disposable cameras were given out during various activities: GOLF, RIVER CRUISE, BANQUET, etc. Some were not returned. (Our treasury will pay for the processing.) Several other cameras captured some unforgetable moments too, especially during the Banquet Entertainment. Send them as E-mail attachments to  or via 'SnailMail' to me at 2224 Ground Squirrel Dr.; New Port Richey, FL 34655-4029 --  (They will be returned to you.)


9th Reunion Committee - Fort Mitchell, KY - 2002

Chuck "Mac" McCarville, President | Don Scheidler, Vice-President
William Coffey
Secretary & Treas. | Bill Stahl, Golf Event | Mrs. Stahl, Mailings etc.
"Frenchie" Fortier, Official Photographer.

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