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REUNION 2002 - Photo Album #2c.

Reunion Hospitality Room

Bill Brown "A" (1955-58), Karin and "Tex" Matthys "A" (1956-59)

Photo Courtesy of Don Hassenbein

Ruby, Nancy and Jerry Everly "PERS" (1958-62)

Heilke Burchett, ____?, Christa Abbott

Audrey and Gary Chaika (1955-58), Frazier Self (1953-56)

Jim Brooker "A" (1954-57), Jim Young "A" (1953-56), Dale Olson "A" (1953-56),
Mary and Martin Wiseman
"A" (1953-56)

Edie Hambidge, Jim Reusch "A" (1955-59) and Dick Hambidge "A" (1956-58) 
___?, Joe Daigle (#2) "B" (1956-59)

Mary Larson, Joe Daigle (#1) "B" (1956-59), John Larson "C" (1955-57), Joe Daigle (#2) "B" (1956-59)(in back)
| Hank Wise "B" (1951-54), Martin Wiseman "A" (1953-56), Dale Olson "A" (1953-56), Jim Brooker "A" (1954-57), Jim Young "A" (1953-56)

Jan McCarville | Don "Duke" Kinlin "B" (1962-65)

Christa Abbott, Jim and Winnie Reusch

Edie Hambidge, Edith and Brady Kelly "D" (1955-58)

Dale Olson "A" (1953-56), Hank Wise "B" (1951-54)  
Ron "GI" Brush
"B" (1955-57), Jess LeBow "B" (1954-56)

HELP: Please share your Reunion Photos! Several disposable cameras were given out during various activities: GOLF, RIVER CRUISE, BANQUET, etc. Some were not returned. (Our treasury will pay for the processing.) Several other cameras captured some unforgetable moments too, especially during the Banquet Entertainment. Send them as E-mail attachments to or via 'SnailMail' to me at 2224 Ground Squirrel Dr.; New Port Richey, FL 34655-4029
                                          (They will be returned to you.

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