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Reunion 2002 Photo Album #6a.

Bus Tour Photos - St. Mary's Cathedral
(Photos Courtesy of Frank Griffin)

St. Mary's Basillica - Covington, KY

Largest Stained Glass Windows in the USA St. Mary's Cathedral Tour Group

St. Mary's Cathedral - (Basilica of the Assumption)

(Replica of Notre Dame Cathedral) Covington, KY -

St. Mary's Cathedral is 180' long and 81' high and has an arched ceiling, Gothic in design. It has 82 stained glass windows (ca 1910) made in Munich Germany. There are 3 organs in the Cathedral.

Replica of Notre Dame Cathedral Wish Tree - St. Mary's Cathedral

Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral Cathedral - Covington, KY


(2002) Cincinnati, Ohio - Reunion Bus Tour (2002) Cincinnati Bus Tour

Cathedral Tour


St. Mary's Cathedral - Covington, KY

Stan McVey, Mary and John Larson

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