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REUNION 2002 - Photo Album #7a.

COUPLES/Dates and Friends - (2002)

2002 Reunion President McCarville and Wife, Janet

Chuck 'Mac' McCarville, "C" (1954-57) and Janet

Photo Courtesy of Christa Abbott

Audrey and Don Fleegle, "A" (1957-66)

Margrit and Will Mason

Karin and Lloyd Matthys, "A" (1956-59) | Margrit and Will Mason, "D" (1959-62)

Photo Courtesy of Jim Brooker - Helga and Elmer Swope Photo Courtesy of Jim Brooker - Martin and Nancy Wiseman

Helga and Elmer Swope, "A" (1953-56) | Martin and Nancy Wiseman, "A" (1953-56)

Hilli and 'Frenchie' Fortier Photo Courtesy of Jim Reusch

Hilli and 'Frenchie' Fortier, "C" (1955-59) | Karen and Ron Fandrick, "A" (1959-62)

Karin and Lloyd Matthys, "A" (1956-59) | Bill and Barb Brown, "A" (1955-58)

Photo by 'Twitch' Wimmer Photo by 'Twitch' Wimmer

Audrey and Don Fleegle, "A" (1957-66) | Dick and Edie Hambidge, "A" (1956-58)

Keith "Yogie" and Delores "Dee" Barkley, "E" ('51-54)
 | Mr. & Mrs. Art Lloyd, "7011th" ('54-56)

Harry and Sophie Underwood, "Maint." ('61-64)
| Mickey and Mike 'Gunner' Krnach, "B" ('64-67)

Edith and Dick Hambidge "A"(1953-66) | Roy "Denny" and Alice Boyer "B"(1954-56)"

Bill and Janis Stahl, "PERS" 19523-54) | Bill Curry "D" (1953-66) and Irmgard Taylor

Betty and Al Rosenberger "B" ('52-54+'61-63) | Frank and Ilse Major , ADJ ('54-57)

Larry and Jean Anklam "B" ('63-65) | David and Lavern Meadows "A" ('53-56)

2002 Reunion Photo Courtesy of Bill Ray

Bill and Mimi Winters "A" ('55-58) | Elke and Don Hassenbein "D" ('59-64)

Photo Courtesy of Don Hassenbein

Dick and Edie Hambidge, "A" (1956-58) |Mary Kay and Arnie Olson "A"(1958-60)

Jan and Mac McCarville, "C" ('54-57) | Mary and Ben DeLeo, "D" ('63-65)

Wanda and  Carl Roberts "A" (1956-59) | Mary and John Larson (1954-57)

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