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REUNION 2002 - Photo Album #7b.

COUPLES/Dates and Friends - (2002)

Barb and Bill Brown "A"(1955-58)   |Judy and Bob King  "A"(1957-59)

Don and Audrey Fleegle "A"(1957-66)  |  Bob and Rae Olson (1954-57)

Wanda and Carl Roberts (2002)

Wanda and Carl Roberts "A" (1956-59)

Elke and Don Hassenbein "D/Pers."(1959-64)   | Jack Place  "E"(1952-56), and Ruth Casey

 Ruby and Jerry Everly "PERS"(1958-62)  | Yevonne and Frazier Self (1953-66)

Joan and Terry Garman "B"(1953-56) | Denny "B"(1954-56) and Alice Boyer

Bill and Danzie Ray  "E" (1960-62) | Betty and Al Rosenberger  "B" ('51-54+'61-64)

Heike and Chuck Burchett  "C" (1953-56) | Joe and Ann Newby  "A" (1958-61)

Joan and Terry Garman  "B" (1953-56)  | Ruth and Lee Casey  "D" (1952-54)

Frank and Cheryl Griffin, "C" (1953-56)

Rae and Bob Olson, "D" (1954-57)

John and Mary Larson, "C" (1955-57)

Alice and Denny Boyer "B"(1954-56) | Larry and Jean Anklam "B"(1963-65)

Yevonne and Frazier Self (1953-66)

Last revised: January 13, 2004

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