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"Mini-Reunions" - (Album #1.)

New Smyrna Beach, Florida "Mini-Reunion" - March, 2017

Terri Maddox, Diane Dowling, Karen Fandrick, Zane Maddox, Don Dowling, Ron Fandrick

and... On the Gulf Coast - Breakfast!

South Carolina "Mini-Reunion" - October, 2015

'Huk' Tracy & Mary Ann MacDonald and Catherine

Sale Creek, Tennessee - "Mini-Reunion" - Sept. 2015

(back) - Bob Saunders, Larry Anklam, Jim Seiberling
(front) - John Milazzo, Chuck Edens

(back) - Lois Milazzo, Marion Howard, Jean Anklam
(front) - Sheila Sobik, Nita Saunders

Massachusetts "Mini-Reunion" - September, 2015

Winnie & Jim REUSCH, Bob & Judy KING (Michigan);
Connie & Paul REIHMS (New Hampshire)

Mackinaw, Michigan "Mini-Reunion" - August 2014

Karin and Tex Matthys and Judy and Bob King

New York "Mini-Reunion" - October 2013
(Alameda B & B - Fairport, NY)

Karen Fandrick, Zane Maddox, Don Dowling, Terri Maddox, Diane Dowling Ron Fandrick

Florida "Mini-Reunion" - April 2009
Shrimp Boat Grill - Brandon, FL

Joe 'South' Daigle, Ron Fandrick

Ron Fandrick, Louise, Joe 'South' Daigle,

Joe 'South' Daigle, Ron Fandrick

Florida - March, 2009
(Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks - Clearwater, FL) 

("Was that window background intentional or a surprise?"

Ben & Marlene Jameson, Judy & Bill Curry
"Bill was their best man in 1956 in Bremerhaven & claims he's still the best in 2009"

Florida - February, 2009
(New Port Richey, FL) 

Karen Fandrick, Diane & Don Dowling - (Bremerhaven 1960-61)

Florida - March, 2007
(St. Petersburg, FL) 

Don (Bremerhaven 1960-61) & Diane Dowling
 Karen & Ron Fandrick -
(Bremerhaven 1959-62)

Florida - December, 2004
(Outback Steakhouse - Spring Hill, FL) 

T/Sgt Bill Nye, Ron Fandrick, Pearl Nye, Karen Fandrick

Pearl and Bill Nye (2 for 1 drink night) - Stuttgart, Germany
Visiting relatives and friends in Florida.

Florida "Mini-Reunion" - April, 2004
(Foxy O'toole's Restaurant - Largo, Florida)

Ron Fandrick, Joe 'South' Daigle, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer

Ron ('59-'62), Fred ('55-'58), Joe ('56-'59)

Joe 'South' Daigle, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer

Ron Fandrick, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer, Tom (Fred's son), Joe Daigle (South)

Ron, Joe, Fred

Tom, Joe, Fred

Deleware "Mini-Reunion" - September 2003
"Huk" Tracy's House - Newark, DE

Bryce McDonald, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer, Brent "Huk" Tracy

Mary Ann McDonald, Catherine Tracy  | Bryce, "Twitch", and "Huk"

Florida "Mini-Reunion" - March 2003
Poolside Luncheon - New Port Richey, Florida

Joe Daigle (South) , Ron Fandrick, Christa, Karen Fandrick

Christa Abbott in Ron's 380SL  |  Joe Daigle (South)

Florida in March!

Poolside Lunch in Florida

Ron Fandrick, Christa Abbott, Twitch Wimmer, Joe Daigle (South)

Twitch Wimmer, Joe Daigle (South) - Photos and beer

Christa Abbott and Karen Fandrick

Twitch Wimmer and Joe Daigle (South)

"Twitch, is that really you in this picture?"

Twitch , Joe, Christa, Karen

Hmm, I should know that guy in this picture!

The Daigle Twins

Joe Daigle (SOUTH) in Florida Joe Daigle (NORTH in Maine)

Joe Daigle (South) in Florida  |  Joe Daigle (North) in Maine
(Unfortunately Joe (North) couldn't get out of his house to get his picture taken.)



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