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"Mini-Reunion" - (Album #2.)

Florida - February 2002
(Courtesy of Bill Curry - Bremerhaven - 1953-1956)

50s Luncheon - Clearwater, Florida

Gerry Hemman, Ben Jameson, Gerry Booska, Bill Curry, Elmer Swope
Elmer and Helga Swope, Bill Curry

Thelma and Gerry Hemmen, Ben Jameson
Gerry, Connie and Troy

Texas Mini-Reunion - 1999
(Courtesy of Ron Lovern - Bremerhaven - 1960-1963)

San Antonio, Texas

Bill Nye, Vina Hathaway, Pearl Nye Leo "Hump" Walls Doctor Bob "Jake" Jacobs


Norene Walls, Gerde Jacobs Bill Nye

Texas Mini-Reunion - 1993
(Courtesy of Fred Meier - Bremerhaven - 1960-1963)

San Antonio, Texas

Photo Courtesy of Col. Fred Meier

John Murnin "D", Fred Meier "C", Jim Flood "B", Jim Bush "A"

Navy Cryptological Technician's Reunion
(1993) - Thompsontown, PA

Photo and Story Courtesy of GI Graves (Boiling Springs, PA)

(Front) - Jim Wright, Bob D'Imperio, Jack Cole, Fred Giovannitti, John Bannister, Chuck Luby
(2nd Row) - Frank "Willie" Wilson, Don Price, James Tanner, Jerry Argo, Bill Fiorilli, Marty Ruggiero, Bob Tarr
(Third) - Gene Witherell, Bob Haggerty, Jack Bair (Host of this Reunion)
(Back) - James Ercole, Morris Ryan, Charles Hewitt, Paul Neleski, Larry Poppe
(Stationed at Bremerhaven 1956-1958)

WebSite for other NSG Mini-Reunions:

1976 - Oklahoma City, OK

First ever Reunion  of any 6913th Bremerhaveners
Officer's Reunion organized by Col. and Mrs. Fred Meier)



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