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"Mini-Reunion" - (Album #3.)

San Antonio, TX - 2006 -'Charlie Trick'

Ralph and Ruth McDonald

# 1. (Front) Ray Stoehr, Floyd Irlbeck, Sam Mazzola,Dwight Vandeventer, Bill 'Huk' Stevenson, John Smith, Rick 'Koz' Kozik,
Charles 'Chuck' Lannaci, Milton Whitehead, Eugene Reynolds, Dan Murry, Ron Cronk, Mark Boyd, Leo 'Hump' Walls, Bob Grzanka

(Back) Neil Haney, Harold 'Grubby' Grubb, Paul Dufrene, Charles 'Holly' Hollingsworth, Ralph McDonald,
John 'Hooch' McGonigal, Joe Gagnon, Art Frayer, Jim Foley, Bill MacDonald, Jim Keller, Gabe Babin, John Lynch,
 Robert 'Jake' Jacobs, Jim Montler, Mike Sheldrake, Bill Barkell, Lee Jones, Cary Rohr, Fran Cassello, Dick Sprinkle, Bennie Wehmeyer

# 2. Gabe Babin, John 'Hooch' McGonigal, Dwight Vandeventer, Floyd Irlbeck, Jim Montler,  Leo 'Hump' Walls

# 3. Floyd Irlbeck, Leo 'Hump' Walls                                        |                Robert 'Jake' Jacobs, Floyd Irlbeck

 # 4.   Floyd Irlbeck, Dwight Vandeventer, Jim Montler,Leo 'Hump' Walls

# 5. Rick 'Koz' Kozik, Christa Kozik, John Smith, Jim Keller

# 6. Dwight Vandeventer, Floyd  Irlbeck

'Mini Reunion' Photos courtesy of Ralph McDonald & Leo Walls
Attendance - 65 or 70     --    Few events scheduled, Social get-together on Saturday
Banquet on Sunday evening  --  Guest speaker was retired Two-star General from
AIA (Air Intelligence Agency)  General Jackson spoke on the history from 1960s
to present. He was a 1st Lt. at Chicksands in the early 1960s and was very
familiar with Bremerhaven.

Charlie Flight Reunion ROSTER



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