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Reunion 2000 Colorado Springs, CO
Photo Album

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Official Reunion 2000 Photo - Colorado Springs, CO
Row 1 (kneeling): Leon "Hump" Walls, Ralph "Big Mac" McDonald, Frazier Self, Bob Baker,
Bert "Frenchie" Fortier, Bob Young, Dan Corsbie, Don Fleegle, Gail "GI" Muth, Randal
"Randy" Pence, Floyd Irlbeck, Vernon "Buzz" Thisselle

Row 2: Lee "Ed" Casey, G.William "Bill" Harrelson, Rick "Koz" Kozik, James Jacobs, Ray
Huartson, Johnny John, Ted Cox, Jim Miller, Don Bendle, Glen Berry, Earl "Goke" Gauthier,
Jim Reusch, Bob Yarusso, Arlen Trapp, Larry Farr, Brent "Huk" Tracy, Carl "Rob" Roberts,
Bill "Willie" Yurochko, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer.

Row 3: Charles Schutte, Bobby Canterbury, Ben Jameson, Mike Litsky, Carlos Frick, Jack
Place, Merle Arp, Don Scheidler, Chuck "Mac" McCarville, Art Schildgen, Herb Turner,
Glen Brown,
(unk), Wally Sbarra, Joe Daigle #1 (Emilien), Lloyd "Tex" Matthys, Joe
Daigle #2 (Emile), Dick "Ham" Hambidge, Conrad "Connie" Pine, Jim Roberds, Ray Beavan,
Dale Olson, Stan "Smitty" Smith, Ron Huddlestun, Paul "Killer" Reihms, Bill Winters, Bill
Stahl, Lord Mayor Manfred Richter (Bremerhaven, Deutschland)

Row 4 (standing on platform): Bob "Big Mac" McKeown, Chuck Burchett, Archie Cochran,
Rich Tygerson, Tom Kirk, Kirby Shaw, Harry Portz, Jim "Doug" Brooker, Don Heckert, Loren
Cassidy, Dave Habersetzer, Jim "PeeWee" Young, Keith "Yogie" Barkley, Bill Coffey,
Larry Murdoch.
In addition to Lord Mayor Richter, 73 Reunion participants are in the photo above. 33 more were not available for the photograph, and we don't know the identity of the 13th person from the left in Row 3. The other Attendees are: Earl Baxter, Bob Belleville, Smokey Blanton, Carl Buehner, Gary Chaika, Charles Chestnut, Jim Dorobiala, Carl "Joe" Duncan, Art Englund, Bill Gallihugh, Jim Galloway, John "Jack Gilhuly, Robert Girting, Ken Hagstrom, Frank "Tim" Holt, Marion "Weave" Hunter, Hal Johnson, Ray "Jody" Jordan, Bob "Stallion" King, Bill "Youngblood" McDonough, Jim Meagher, Neil Ortoli, Mike Reedy, Floyd Rhyne, Al Rosenberger, Bob Smith, Gene Soltis, Harry Stern, Tom Straw, Jim Thorpe, Jim Trainor, Harold Watkins, Luther "Hank" Wise.

Irogard, Hildegard, Ingrid, Helga, Margrit, Hilde, Anka, Heide, HERR RICHTER, Karin, Hedda, Christa, Ingard, malene, Hildegard, (Unk), Hildegard (Unk)

(Photo Courtesy of Bert FORTIER)

2000 Reunion - Colorado Springs, CO

(Photo Courtesy of Jim REUSCH)

MOX NIX Appreciation Award for Arlen Trapp

(Photo Courtesy of Jim REUSCH)

Arlen Trapp Manfred Richter - Lord Mayor of Bremerhaven Colonel Barry, Bert Fortier

(Photos Courtesy of Fred WIMMER)

Fred Wimmer, Tex Matthys, Jim Reusch, Don Corsbie, Dave Habensetzer, Ollie Olsen

(Photo Courtesy of Jim REUSCH)

Bill Winters, Larry Farr, Bob King, Jack Gilhuly, Jim Reusch, Danny Carsble, Carl Roberts, Brent Tracy, (Front) Earl Gauthier, Paul Relhms, Fred Wimmer, Lloyd matthys

(Photo Courtesy of Fred WIMMER)

Our ladies with Bremerhaven's Lord Mayor Manfred Richter

(Photo Courtesy of Bert FORTIER)

"Photo Op with the Mayoress of Cripple Creek, Colorado"

(Photo Courtesy of Jim REUSCH)

Hilli Fortier, Margrit Luber, Joe Daigle #2, Karin Mathys, Lloyd "Tex" Mathys (back) Joe Daigel #1

(Photo Courtesy of Bert FORTIER)

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