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Reunion 2000 Colorado Springs, CO
Photo Album

Ruth McDonald, Norene Walls, June Muth, Gail Muth, Carl Duncan, Joanne Duncan

(Photo Courtesy of Leo WALLS)

Noreen Walls, Joanne Duncan, Ruth McDonald, Buzz Thisselle, Floyd Irlbeck

(Photo Courtesy of Leo WALLS)

Carl Roberts, Don Heckert, Jim Reusch, Bill Winters

(Photo Courtesy of JIm REUSCH)

Jim REusch, Leo Walls, "Huk" Tracy, Don Fleegle Jim REusch, "Frenchie" Fortier, "Twitch" Wimmer

(Photos Courtesy of JIm REUSCH)

"Flying W. Beanery" -- "Huk" Tracy, Paul Reighme, Bob King

(Photo Courtesy of Jim REUSCH)

Hilli Fortier, Joe Daigle #2, Bert Fortier Hilli Fortier, Joe Daigle#1., Bert Fortier

(Photos Courtesy of Joe DAIGLE)

Joe Diagle #1, The Late "Tiger" Hall, Joe Daigle #2.

(Photo Courtesy of Joe DAIGLE)

Jim Meagher, Leo Walls James Roberds, Sgt. Casey, Glen Chestnut

(Left Photo Courtesy of Leo WALLS) ------------------------------------------------- (Right Photo Courtesy of Roni TERRY)

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