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USAFSS RollCall - Orlando, FL (January 26-28, 2007) - Ramada Inn Riverfront

A fun Mid-Winter Break in the 'Sunshine State'!

USAFSS - Friends from Misawa, Japan

 Jay "JJ" Johnson (Bremerhaven 1962-64), and Bob Wynn

____?, Jim Kaus (Bremerhaven 1961-64) (white hat), ____?
(Watching Special USAFSS Video created by Ralph McDonald

Karen Fandrick and ____?, ____?

Group Dinner at Orlando's Black Angus Steak House

Name Badges: 

This 'informal' get together
"Mini-Reunion" of USAFSS friends is being organized by
 Jay "JJ" Johnson
(Bremerhaven 1962-64).

35 mm Slides of Bremerhaven


I'm sure many 'Bremerhaveners' have many trays of 35mm Slides taken while stationed in Bremerhaven. Slides of the Base, the City, Parties, Cars, Frauliens, Travels in Europe etc.

35mm Slides were the 'state of the art' photo mode back in the 6913th/41st Days in Bremerhaven. Next was video cameras, Beta and VHS, and digital. Likewise we went from 78rpm to 33rpm and 45rpm and reel-to-reel, and 8-track and cassettes and CDs and DVDs and MP3 and who knows what's next?

Anyway, if anyone has some 35mm slides of your Bremerhaven Tour, please send them to me. I have an HP Photo Smart Scanner that will convert the slides to digital images which can be edited and added to our Website. I'll return them to you after they are scanned.

Please check your basements, garages, attics, boxes etc. and share them with us all.


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