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Life at Syracuse University

"Our time at Syracuse was an important beginning of our Air Force Careers. We met many new friends,
and have maintained life-time communications with them. Our time at Syracuse University was a bit
difficult, learning a foreign language, but working together we made it through the Intensive Training
Classes, in Russian, and other languages, and were sent to all parts of the globe including Bremerhaven,
Germany; Japan, Turkey, UK and other places. Our 6913th Squadron in Bremerhaven meets every 2
years for a Reunion in different locations - next one is 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota."

"Unfortunately, there was this barracks fire on 06 January 1959 which took the lives of seven of our
friends. Those of us that were in that fire and survived, after our time in Syracuse hospitals, continued
our Air Force careers, but will always  have the memories of this tragedy over fifty years ago."

The following photos depict our time in Syracuse and also some fun times, as well as some serious
study time. We welcome any new photos.....   Thanks,  Ron Fandrick

1957 - Syracuse, New York

Tom Emdy and Charlie Varvel by barracks at Syracuse University
Tom Emdy and Charlie Varvel  Tom was at Syracuse, and stationed with the 6916th at Rhein-Main AFB, Frankfurt flying in C-130's to the Baltic Sea and then TDY to Adana, Turkey.

1957 - Syracuse, New York

Photos - Courtesy of Arnie Olson

Green Lake State Park

SkyTop (1966)

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