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(Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) - Language School

Syracuse University, (Syracuse, New York), home of AFIT (Air Force Institute of Technology) is where many of us (203's) learned foreign languages (Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbo-Croation, and others) .

 A.F.I.T. - Temporary Billets (Built in 1941)

Syracuse, NY - Summer 1958 - View of SKYTOP (AFIT) from hill above.

(Photos Courtesy of Arnie Olson  & Bert Kubli)

50s Cars at Skytop - (The old 'firetrap' buildings we lived in!)

(Photos Courtesy of  Bert Kubli)

Typical two-man rooms at Skytop...

 Your Webmaster arrived on January 3, 1959 and fortunately survived the dormitory fire in the early morning hours of January 6, 1959 in which 16 of us were injured and hospitalized with burns and lacerations and 7 of our classmates died in the fire. This barracks (M-7 - in photo above) one of the old tin-roofed buildings, (was the one that was destroyed by fire that morning), that were built as 'temporary quarters' back in the 40s and still used in 1959.

January 6, 1959

January 6, 1959 - The day of the early-morning fire that destroyed
one of the dormitories below, was also a typical snowy winter day
in Syracuse, NY as we ran through the snow to another building's
Day Room to wait for ambulances and fire trucks.

(Photos Courtesy of Arnie Olson & Bert Kubli )

More new Skytop photos - Thanks to Arlen Trapp (July, 2011)

Eventually, new brick dormitories were built, and the old tin 'fire-traps' were torn down.

(Photos Courtesy of Bill Deister)

New Brick Dorms - Syracuse University, NY
Those of us that lost everything in the fire, after we got out of the hospital, were given replacements for everything that could be replaced at nearby Griffiss AFB, Rome, NY. The people of the city of Syracuse, and other communities in the NorthEast were very helpful in writing letters, phone calls and gifts for all the young guys that were in the fire.

The grassy area between the buildings in front of the parking lot is the former location of the old tin-roofed buildings (temporary dormitories/barracks) built in the 1940s and where the former barracks (M-7) was located before 1959.


A photo of the Skytop chow hall where we all spent many hours during our time at AFIT, Syracuse University. Remember the covered walkway connecting the chow hall to a temporary building that held a Syracuse University bookstore and a day room with a pool table.?





We invite all former students of Syracuse University (AFIT) to submit their stories and photos for this new memory section of 50+ years ago. We especially invite anyone recalling the fire of 1959, anyone actually in the fire, and anyone that helped the students as they ran from the burning building, through the snow and cold, to a nearby day room of another dorm to await ambulances and fire trucks.

If anyone has any photos or newspaper clippings, please send them to me and I'll scan them and return them to you.


Ron Fandrick, Webmaster


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