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Don CROUT Photo Album #1.
( "
B+E" - 1954-57 - Bremerhaven)

Don Crout

Christmas, 1954

 (1954 ) - Don Crout - Christmas

A/3C Donald G. Crout - 1953

(1953) - A/3C Donald G. Crout

(1954) - Radio Intercept Class

(Back Row)  Charles Barlow (41st RSM), Johnny Jones, Carroll Coatney,
Phil Keller, Don CROUT, Herman Schmucker

(Middle Row)
Rob Jardine, Art Hart, Ed Brown, Paul Hill,
Dale Halvorson, J.B. Gabbard, Larry Lewis

(1st Row)
R.T. Mello, Dottie Grimmond, Margo Monroe, Ivan Huntman
 Ricardo Lopez

1956 - Bremerhaven, Germany Don Crout - Leaving for Hamburg

(1956) Don Crout  | Don and his 1956 VW

Bremerhaven, Germany

Forrest Bogan "D" ('54-57), Maria Paul, Geoff Paul "D" ('54-57), Don Crout

Photo Courtesy of Don Crout 6913th Barracks Party

Don "Dusty" Rhodes | John Seaman, Carroll Smith, Gene Shirk, Dick Russell

6913th Barracks Party Christmas, 1954

John Seaman, Carroll Smith, Don Crout, Gene Shirk  Ralph Jasper - Christmas 1954

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