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41st RSM - Bremerhaven, Germany - (Webpage #1.)

Proposal to reactivate the 41st RSM as the 41st Intelligence Squadron (IS).

The unit historian, Jesse Boice -
would like all former members of the 41st/6913th RSM
veterans to please contact him and indicate your interest
in participating in a reactivation event later this year.

Also, if anyone from the 41st has any photographs from
our time in Bremerhaven, please send them to me and
I will include them in this new Webpage on our Website.

Questions for 41st RSM Veterans:

Did the 41/6913 RSM have an official/unofficial squadron patch, mascot, or motto?  I ask because we need to have both a 41 IS patch and mascot blessed and approved by the Air Force Historical Research Agency before our official stand-up ceremony.  If possible, I would like to carry forward elements of the squadron’s heritage in the patch, mascot, and motto.  While exploring your site I was unable to locate an official patch or mascot, however, I did notice that several patches appeared to consist of the USAF Security Service emblem with the squadron name emblazoned either above or below, and several of the sports teams from the 41 RSM were called the Vikings.  This is something to go on, but any additional information would be a great help and would be greatly appreciated.

Would any 41 RSM veterans be interested in attending the 41 IS reactivation ceremony?  The ceremony will be held at Ft Meade, MD, however, the date has been pushed back and forth from June to October 2014 and is still in flux.  I understand this might be a long shot as the date is not confirmed and all travel arrangements would be the veteran’s own responsibility as the government is unable to contribute monetarily.  That said, if any local, or out-of-area, 41 RSM veterans are interested in attending, we would love to have them as honored guests at the ceremony.  Please keep in mind, the government cannot incur any costs in aiding your attendance, and any interested individuals may have to submit their name, and possibly additional information, for security processing to gain entry to the base and ceremony location.  If anybody is interested in attending, I can pass along more concrete ceremony plans as they are made.

Responses to the above questions will be appreciated:

Jesse Boice -

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