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"Big ANITA" Photo Album

One of the most 'colorful' and fun Frauleins in Bremerhaven passed away in 1998 at the age of 54.

This story could possibly be "Fake News". Several emails suggest that she was probably in her 30s in 1955-56. It was also rumored that she was Miss Hamburg ca 1946. If anyone has any other information, please send it to me.

There are many "Anita Heinze" names on FaceBook, but could find no one that matched "Big Anita" description on these pages.

"Condolences to her family!"

Germany's 'Marilyn Monroe'

Bremerhaven - 1956

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NORDSEE-ZEITUNG Article - 05 January 2006
(Writer, Rainer Donsbach, found our Website and asked for permission to write an
article for the NORDSEE-ZEITUNG, which appears below - a translation follows.)

Brent 'Huk' Tracy's daughter-in-law, KERSTIN TRACY,
(born and raised in Dusseldorf, Germany)
was kind enough to translate the above newspaper article for us.

"Atom-Anita" and the Veterans

U.S. Soldiers seek contact with Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven. "Rote Muehle (Red Mill)", "Rio Rita Bar", "Stoertebecker", Cape Horn" - all these "hot spots" for the G.I.s stationed in Bremerhaven had one thing in common: they looked like shoe boxes on the outside. The inside offered anything but a bland style, according to the nostalgically, with photos decorated, U.S. website.

Memories of the wild 50s and 60s in Bremerhaven are being kept alive by former members of the 6913th Radio Squadron Mobile (RSM), which was stationed in the barracks of Weddewarden. Their website does not only function as a message and news exchange board regarding their current lives - wifes, children, travels etc. - but also their times in good old Germany they have spent together.

A real treasure, especially for Bremerhaveners who remember, are the photo albums.

The main theme and focus seems to be on the bars and taverns of Bremerhaven. The albums contain pictures that tell stories and those that make one remember ones own stories...

58er Plymouth

Extremely impressive is the 58er Plymouth in front of the bar "Rio Rita" in Lessing Street - a battleship with huge rear spoilers a.k.a. tailfins. Next to it is Lee's girl-friend "Ushe" (Uschi): A scenario that might remind of a typical American small town scene- Uschi inclusive.

A rather popular motive for photographs is the hot Alfa-Romeo- convertible, that Bill Altieri and friends used to go for a spin around town rather frequently.

They most likely went to the "Landhaus Nordpol (Northpole Inn)", to the "Snakepit Bar" on Langener Street to just name a few or they went to the "Gasthof Linde" where they liked to pose bare-chested, with cool shades and overall very well groomed.

The biggest impression on the G.I.s left the bossomy and blonde Anita, also called the "Big A". Many of the veterans remember her from the redlight district under the name "Atom-Anita".

One of her preferred stomping grounds was the "Hotel Metropol" where she was the center of attention while trying to empty a Schnaps glass positioned in/on her impressive front part without using her hands. Many bets were taken. Naturally she always came out victorious and she still enjoys some fame for her "talent" back then.

Anyhow - the "Metropol". It must have been one heck of a place. Dozens of photos show many G.I.s and their "Frauleins" getting to know each other rather well in places like the "Tug Boat Inn" and the "Rote Muehle (Red Mill)". Some even got married. Metropol owner Hans Frommer and his wife Irmgart are shown in the picture above, all dressed up behind the bar, along with female bartenders wearing what looks like a birdsnest on their heads - beehives -as they were called by the Americans. In the center of the picture is bartender Otto and with a big grin MP-Man Walter (smiling like a gingerbread horse - that would be the correct translation - german saying for a big smile often while somewhat intoxicated).

Contact with Ron Fandrick

Ron Fandrick, who currently lives in Florida (2224 Ground Squirrel Drive, New Port Richey, Florida USA) would love to gather more pictures and is trying to get in touch with Bremerhaveners (email: "Maybe somebody has some more pictures from those times, which I would love to post on our website.

The thought of going back to Germany one more time brings pure joy in the eyes of Fandrick and his friends. A very tempting offer has been made by Metropol owner Ute Frommer. She offers the former G.I.s to stay in the hotel for free during their visit.

This year the whole group meets in Las Vegas. Maybe the future shows (that's how Germans say it - here you say "holds") Bremerhaven in their cards.


ANITA - More Photos...
(Bremerhaven, Deutschland )

(1954) - Fun in at the Metropol!

Photo Courtesy of Bill Curry

Big Anita, John Navin, ____?, ____?

____? Gets an Anita-Size HUG

____?, "Want a Kiss?", ____?

"Hi, Big Guy!", ____?

____?, Big Anita,  ____?, ____?

1954 - "Always a Party!"

Front: - ___?, ___?
  - ___?, Big Anita, ___?

"The Life of the Party!"

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