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Bremerhaven Bahnhof - Going-Away Parties

Hauptbahnhof of Bremerhaven Hauptbahnhof - Railroad Station

Our Last View of Bremerhaven ("Great Memories!")

(1964) -  Jim Spain (under light), 'Bo' Boruski, _____?, Lt. Ray Shapek (trench coat), A/2c____?, Darrel Forbes

 Baker Flight, Leaving for the USA

 Last Beer in Bremerhaven -- (1961)

THE actual coaster of DON DOWLING's last beer in Bremerhaven.
(Probably worth thousands on eBay or Antiques Road Show! "Any Bidders?")

Last Beer -- (1956)

A/1C Bill Curry

(1964) - A/2C Bob Coe

"Last Train out of Dodge!"

(1954) Bremerhaven Bahnhof łnd Post

1954 Photo Courtesy of Jack Heneka

Bremerhaven Bahnhof (Train station)  - Going Away parties

 Jim Spain (far corner), 'Bo' Boruski (drinking beer), ____?, Darrel Forbes, John Philibert 
Great place to help our guy start the trip home right with a few drinks.
"Clug-A-Lug" was where you drank your entire half liter in one gulp ( in come back up...)

(1964)  - Baker Flight Going-Away Party for another Airman.

Train Station - Bremerhaven, Germany 1980s Train Station - Bremerhaven, Germany Brmerhaven Newsstand by Train Station


(1959) - View of Bremerhaven Bahnhof

(2003) - View of Bremerhaven Bahnhof

Photo Courtesy of Arthur M. Richard ('59-62)

 (1960) - Port for Embarking Military Personnel

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