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The Bars of Bremerhaven - Album #6.

Photo Courtesy of Ulrich "Uli" Manhart, Bremerhaven

"Rote Mühle" (Owner Mr. Hans Hoheisel)
(On Fritz-Reuter-Strasse, Opposite Streetside to 'United Seamen's Service")

   (1959)                          (2004)

Mr. Hans Hoheisel (former owner of the "Rote Mühle")
(Hans celebrated his 90th birthday on 25 October 2004)

(1960) - At the 'METROPOL'

Waitress, 'Frankie',  (in back) Hans Frommer (owner of 'Metropol'), Waitress,
Hans Hoheisel
(owner of 'Rote Mühle'), Irma Frommer, Lotti and Eva

Note: The 'Metropol' looks the same way today in 2004.
Remember the picture of the 'Gypsy Fiddler' behind the bar?


August, 2009 - An E-mail from Germany, this week, described a recent problem at the Hotel Metropol (Tug Boat Inn) - the roof is in urgent need of repair, and due to the current 'World-Wide Recession', the necessary funds are unavailable to fix it. Consequently the Hotel Metropol may have to close down. Many of us have fond memories of the Hotel, Bar, City of Bremerhaven and its people, and recall our tours of duty in Deutschland to be the best time of our lives.

The hotel owners are requesting the support of anyone having the financial means to do so, and donations would greatly be appreciated.

If anyone is interested in providing any assistance, please contact Ralf Wegener by E-mail at


Greta, Bartender Otto, Hans Frommer (owner 'Metropol'), Waitress Edith



Hans at the 'Metropol'

Hans Hoheisel, Mrs. Ute Frommer-Müller
(daughter of Hans Frommer, owner of the 'Metropol' ("Hans and Hans)
Hans Frommer (died  August, 2003) Some may remember his wife Irma "Irmchen"

'Big Anita', John Navin, ____?, ____?

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