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Base Photos -- Album #2.

Mox Nix Leader

M/Sgt. Carnahan award from Lt. Col. Berry

1959 - Radio City 1955 Mail Truck

Mail from Home

Denny McCoy, Andy Anderson, Frenchie Fortier

European Driver's License 1960 - Bremerhaven, Germany Gas Card - 1962 - Bremerhaven, Germany
Ration Card - 1960 - USAREUR


Photo Courtesy of Jack Heneka

Military Payment Certificate (1954)

Photo Courtesy of Jack Heneka

Back side of MPC

MPC Photos Courtesy of Bill Curry

MPC Photos Courtesy of Bill Curry

Back of Arnie Olson's Jacket - (2002 - "It doesn't fit anymore!")
seen on
the Base


Able Flight - Mox Nix
Need Patch
GAF Patch Basketball Champs 1966

Staging Area Map

Aerial View of US Army Staging Area

(Click on Photo above for larger view!)


These radios served the country in the Security Service, other branches of the military and also
the CIA and NSA for monitoring communications from behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War
years where the R-390A was classified TOP SECRET until the middle 1960's.

R-390A - How Many Hours Did We Search Here?

Radio Luxembourg

"...Coming your way direct from our studios here in the heart of Luxembourg".
Remember spinning your 390 to 1440 kHz?

Ex-AFN Building (Armed Forces Europe - Radio Station)

Base Maintenance Shops


Operations Building - Bremerhaven

1953 - Marine Barracks from Gym toward Chow Hall



Windy Corners Theater at Marine Barracks



Hotel - Officer's Quarters

Base Hospital - 1950 Ford


Marine Barracks - Bremerhaven


We've all had a couple of Beck's at this Airmen's Club!

Bremerhaven Base NCO CLUB

"The Fortunes" - Band (1964)
(Photo courtesy of Allen Hoxie "D" 1963-1965)

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