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DELTA SITE Photos -- Album #4A.
3rd Shoran Beacon Squadron USAF - (Between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven)

Bremerhaven, 1955


Berle Richman, TFO Grant

Berle Richman and friend(s)

Gardara, Berle, Henry & 'Kapoot'

Ben Burch - (Our Cook)

Ucceletti, Snap, Riddle

Helmut and Friend

Joe Motika

Navy Visitors at Delta Site - (Check that old Mercedes!)


"This jet crashed near our Delta Site @ Wursterheide (between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven)
on Highway 60. - The pilot ejected and lived."

"We uncrated these choppers and used wood to build our kitchen."

Kitchen @ DELTA SITE


3rd Shoran Squadron Leaving USARPEB

One of the most unusual units in port and one that few in port became familiar with, the 3rd Shoran Beacon Squadron, is preparing to leave Bremerhaven. Its commanding officer, Capt. Tolbert P. Hoffman, Jr., said.

This Air Force unit is self-sufficient, convenes its own classification boards, handles its own funds, cuts its own PCS and TDY orders and prepares its own budgets.

In addition, the unit is capable of performing field maintenance on its radio and radar equipment, and performs all but major overhaul on all ground powered equipment.

3rd Shoran came here on September 21, 1955, and soon after reached its full strength in detachments, which ranged from Great Britain in various places on the continent.

The unit released this statement about its tour in USARPEB:

"During its stay in Bremerhaven this Squadron experienced extremely great cooperaion with its Army host. Almost without exception the sections to which assistance and support was solicited were always more than willing to lend a helping hand.

"Our people have lived side by side with the Army, Navy and marines and shared all the facilities furnished by the other services and even though the policies and procedures of he services differ, in many ways the friendly relationships stood on a solid ground.

"This Squadron bids farewell to the Port with the hope that our excellence here has helped create a feeling of friendship and understanding among the officers and men of all the services represented in the Port."

Because of the often distant and isolated locations of the various detachments difficult logistic problems had to be solved as well as many other problems. As an example agreements were made with local German hospitals to handle isolated detachments medical needs.

Some of the recent honors accorded to the Squadron were a citation for having the best personnel section within the 501st Wing and one of the highest among all 12th Air Force units; a letter of commendation for the last three months of 1957 and additional praise for its part in the 7th Army's Operation Sabre Hawk this year.

3rd Shoran Beacon was first activated and assigned to Victorville, California in August 1950. It was moved to Lawson AFB, Georgia and then was transferred to Toulouse, France in January, 1952. Squadron headquarters moved to Kassel, Germany in August 19523 and arrived in Bremerhaven on September 21, 1955.

The Bremerhaven Port Reporter - (April 25, 1958).

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