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Base and City MISC. Photos -- Album #8.

Bremerhaven and Base Staging Area -- (Views in the 21st Century)
Photos Courtesy of G.I.'s on Vacation, European visitors, and Local Bremerhaven friends and relatives.

1. G. Napuda  2. Will & Margrit Mason  3. Christa Abbott  4. Andreas Siems 5. Werner Mohr


RADIO CITY - We all have many special memories of this important building.
(Snack Bar, Bowling Alley, Gymnasium, Photo Lab, Movie Theater)

Radio City - Special Event

BREMERHAVEN-American Historical Summary
by Andreas Siems - (2006)

From 1945 till 1992 Bremerhaven was home to a few thousand American soldiers and their families. The American garrison provided the civilian logistics for the American forces in Germany. Many privately owned vehicles were shipped via Bremerhaven back to the states.

After the end of the cold war the American Forces decided that Bremerhaven was no longer needed. This drawdown affected Bremerhaven in a big way. The Americans had spent money in the community, many Germans worked on the base.

The base area in the north of Bremerhaven, the Carl-Schurz-Kaserne, reverted back to the Germans. Only a building in a hidden corner nowadays remains in American hands and houses the few Americans and their German civilian employees of the 950th US Army Transportation Company.

Most of the rest of the area has been given over to the needs of the expanding harbour.

The former golf course has been given over to parking of the thousands of import and export vehicles shipped here.
Some of the buildings have been demolished, others have been converted to office space.

A former church houses now a museum dedicated to the lifestyle of the fifties.

The community recreation center "RadioCity"-Hall houses today the training centre of the local basketball team "Eisbären Bremerhaven" (playing in the national basketball league of germany).

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We remember this as the American Hospital)

Now converted to a Medical Clinic Complex
with laboratories, specialist practitioners and shops.


Former American Housing Area - Kleiner Blink

Former American sign - off-base housing
(Near the Train Station Bremerhaven-Lehe)


Memories of our 'Home-Away-From-Home'

From a recent Bremerhaven Visit - (2005)

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