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City of BREMERHAVEN Photos - Album #2.

Photo Courtesy of Don Hassenbein

Beautiful View of Bremerhaven Harbor

Photo Courtesy of Dave Beach

Columbus Quay

View from Dike near Back Gate towards harbor - 1971 A View of Bremerhaven, Germany


Through the Locks (Photo Courtesy of Carl Roberts) (1957)



Photo Couresy of Carl Roberts

PT Boats that the Russians gave back to the United States
(They were, naturally, in terrible shape.)

Bremerhaven Skyline Bremerhaven Harbor

1952 - Skyline Salute - S.S. United States

Even the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan seemed to stand taller when the United States steamed past before her maiden voyage to France and England in 1952. She was the largest passenger ship ever built in the U.S., and her three-day transatlantic passage broke the previous speed record held by Britain's Queen Mary. “After the loud and fantastic claims made in advance for the liner United States,” complained Punch, the British magazine, “it comes as something of a disappointment to find them all true.”

The ship sailed for 17 years. She was last docked in a Philadelphia port, awaiting renovation.

Photo Courtesy of John "Andy" Anderson

S.S. United States Arriving in Bremerhaven, Germany

S.S. United States

SS United States at the Columubs Bahnhof

SS United States at the Columbus Bahnhof

Photo Courtesy of Dave Beach

SS United States approaching Bremerhaven Port

A View of Bremerhaven, Germany S.S. United States at a Bremerhaven Dock

S.S. United States - Last call to Bremerhaven (1965)

S.S. United States Fischereihofenschieuse - Bremerhaven


(1954) MATS Ship docking at BPOE Air Force Barracks at the Marine Barracks

Columbus Bahnhof - Bremerhaven

Bahnhof am Meer - Bremerhaven

Columbus Bahnhof - Bremerhaven, Germany

Columbus Bahnhof - Bremerhaven

Photo Courtesy of Allen Sacks

S.S. America at Columbus Bahnhof

1958 - Columbus Pier - Bremerhaven, Germany


(1961) '55 Ford Convertible POV Arriving in Bremerhaven

1955 Ford Convertible arriving in Bremerhaven

(1958) P.E.B. (1958) P.E.B. - Troop Ship Homeward Bound

(1958) Bremerhaven

Ship on the Weser - Bremerhaven, Germany

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