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Joe Daigle (x2) Photo Album #1.
("B" 1956-59 Bremerhaven)

(1955) - Joe Daigle (North) and Joe Daigle (South)
(3 days before graduation from Basic Training at Sampson AFB)

"Always a smile!" (2004 Reunion)

# 180. Joe Daigel (N.) Joe Daigel (S.)

The Sergeants DAIGLE

"Hey, We made the Newspaper Again!"

Re-Up Time in SouthEast Asia

(1969) - Daigle Twins

Colorado Springs Reunion - Joe Daigle (South), ____?, ____?

Florida "Mini-Reunion" - April 2009
Shrimp Boat Grill - Brandon, FL

Joe 'South' Daigle, Ron Fandrick

Ron Fandrick, Louise, Joe 'South' Daigle,

Joe 'South' Daigle, Ron Fandrick

Florida "Mini-Reunion" - March 2003
Poolside Luncheon - New Port Richey, Florida

Joe Daigle (South)

Joe, Ron Fandrick, Christa Abbott, Karen Fandrick

Ice Fishing in Northern Maine

Joe's oldest brother, 72, drowned two years ago, crossing the lake in his truck while attempting to cross a pressure ridge. "He died happy doing what he enjoyed most... Fishing."

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