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Don Edgcomb Photo Album
Baker Flight" - 1963-65 -  Bremerhaven)

HELP! - Don has some great memories of his days at Bremerhaven (Don't we all?) but would like help from anyone serving on Baker Flight between 1963 and 1965 in Identifying names of guys in these photos. Please send any identifications to Webmaster, Ron Fandrick at   --  Thanks!

Bremerhaven Bahnhof (Train station) Going Away party.
(Army personnel came to Bremerhaven by train and went back to the states by ship.
Air Force sent us by train to Frankfurt Main to be flown back home!)

 Jim Spain (far corner), 'Bo' Boruski (drinking beer), ____?, Darrel Forbes, John Philibert 
Great place to help our guy start the trip off right with a few drinks. "Clug-A-Lug" was where you drank your entire half liter in one gulp ( in come back up...)

 Jim Spain (under light), 'Bo' Boruski, _____?, Lt. Ray Shapek (trench coat), A/2c____?, Darrel Forbes

(1963 or '64) - Baker Flight Christmas Party

John D. Philibert Sr., ____?, ____?

____?, ____?, ____?, Don Edgcomb in light sport-coat!

Walter (Darrel) Forbes, Jim Wynn, ____?

(1963 or '64) - Baker Flight Christmas Party

"Of special interest is our clothing. Back then, the 'Powers-That-Be' wanted us to look 'Presentable', so they almost demanded that we wear coat 'n tie when going off the kasern and into German society. I still have the suits and jackets, all custom made in England, that I was coerced into buying, but of course they don't fit anymore."   -- Don E.

(1964) - Baker Flight Party - in top floor barracks room.

____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?

Trip to Paris - Taken on the top of the Eiffel Tower

 ____?, Don Edgcomb,  ____? |   ____?, ____?

One of the X1's Don worked with.

Taken of  ____? on a WWII Navel Gun Mount.

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