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Russell Jeffreys Photo Album
(Bremerhaven - Clerk-Cmdrs Office - 1960-64)

- 40+ Years Later


The Jeffreys
Louise, Linda, Terry, Nancy, Russell
(6/3 Eckleingarten; Bremerhaven, Germany)

Russell Jeffreys

Family Services - Bremerhaven, Germany


Louise Jeffreys receiving Family Services Award

(1964) ___?, Lt. Col. Powers (6922d Scty Wing), Louise and Russell Jeffreys

Russell Jeffreys receiving Outstanding Unit Award

(1964) - Col. Neal, Russell Jeffreys, Louise Jeffreys

Family Services - Bremerhaven (1960-64)

(2002) Olathe, Kansas

Russell and Patricia Jeffreys (2002)

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Last revised: October 17, 2002

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