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Photos Courtesy of Ron LOVERN
(292X2 - 6913th RSM - 1960-1963)

Ron Lovern

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Ron Lovern =  - (Honoring Jesus Christ)
Ron Lovern = - (Ron Lovern Recordings)
Ron Lovern = - (Ron Lovern's Blue Grass Page)
 Ron Lovern = - (FSX Flight Simulator, Houston, TX-KIAH)

"Hustler's Basketball Jacket

Charlie Flight - "Co-Workers Photos"

ron Lovern's Room in Barracks 9 - Grundig Radio - Reel-Reel Tape Recorder John McClay, Charels Hollingsworth Charlie Marvin

Floyd Irlbeck James Ellingson Bill Mason Bill Mason meets a pole!

Ron Lovern, Mark Hazeltine John McClay, Gary Tice, Roy Shoffstall, Roy's Frau, James Ellingson, Ron Lovern

Trip to Venice, Italy

John McClay, Gary Tice, Ron Lovern, Louis Moyer - Venice, Italy

San Antonio Mini-Reunion Photos
(Courtesy of Ron Lovern - 292X2 - 6913th RSM - 1960-1963)

Bill Nye, Vina Hathaway, Pearl Nye Leo "Hump" Walls Doctor Bob "Jake" Jacobs

Norene Walls, Gerde Jacobs Bill Nye

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