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Col. Frederick C. Meier Photo Album
("Flight Officer" 1955-58 Bremerhaven)
(d. 14 March 2011)

 (1955-Bremerhaven) - Lt. Fred Meier

(1955) - BPE Champion Squadron Vikings

(Front) - George Bails, Al Purello, Ben Harmon, Larry Brockway, Ralph Jensen, Lt. Col. Dickson
(Back - Scotty, Jim Miller, Carl Rihard, Johnny Bowers, Johnson, Fred Meier

(1957) - BPE Softball Champs

Major Berry, Jimmy Pegram, Robbie Robinson, Fred Meier, Jack Milan, Willie Williams, Kermit "Bill" Sites,
Dale "Big Smitty" Smith
, Bill Burger, James "Movement" Greene, Raymond Green, Paul Alexander,
Otto "Dit" Welch, Gene H.  Martin, ___?, Lt. Col Wanty, Ralph Pittenger

1995-56 BPE Basketball Champs en route to Frankfurt
(We lost to Darmstadt but beat another AF unit on 2nd night)

L-R:  - Lt. Fred Meier, Johnson, Jim Miller, Scotty, Ralph Jensen, Johnny Bowers,
Bob Burnside, Bill Brown, Larry Brockway, George Bailes, Ben Harmon, Lt. Purello, Robert E. Lisk

1993 - San Antonio, TX "Mini-Reunion"

John Murnin "D", Fred Meier "C", Jim Flood "B", Jim Bush "A"

First ever Reunion  of any 6913th Bremerhaveners
(An officer's reunion organized by Col. and Mrs. Fred Meier)

(Click HERE  for Officer Reunion Photos!)
1976 - Oklahoma City, OK
1985 - Orlando, FL
1993 - San Antonio, TX
2000 - Albany, NY
2002 - Virginia Beach, VA

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