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PARTY TIME Photos - Album #5.

 Dave Scott, R.J. Sullivan, Bill McKenna, Charlie Schutte,
Hal Schwartz, Richard Rayfield, Lou Zanelli

___?, McKay, Head, Gillette

Mike Reedy, Fraulein, Fraulein, John Dinuzzo, Kitty, Harry Gillette

Charlie Trick Party

Tony Schultz, Len NeSmith, Ed Lind, James "Peanut" MacMillan

(1963 or '64) - Baker Flight Christmas Party


Bremerhaven Bahnhof (Train station) Going Away party.
(Army personnel came to Bremerhaven by train and went back to the states by ship.
Air Force sent us by train to Frankfurt Main to be flown back home!)

(Standing - white coat) Lt. Ray Shapek (new commander of "B" flight), (facing him) William "Bill" Durden (Shipping back
 home to Savannah, GA) (Seated L-R)
- Jimi Spain, Walter P. "Bo" Boroski, Roger Martin McNeil, Daryl Forbes John Philibert.

(Photos Courtesy of Don Edgcomb)

(L=R) Larry Anklam's head, Jim Spain, 'Bo' Boroski, Roger McNeil, Daryl Forbes (in brown jacket), John Philibert.
(Airman holding up a cigarette) "Lollipop" - (No one really learned his name).

Fraulein, ___?, Mahsem, Fraulein, Murphy, Fraulein, Ruth, Gillette, Head

Another Party

Jim Reusch, Goke, Danny Corsbie, Twitch Wimmer, (Navy Guy),
 Pee Wee Matthys (Tex's brother in the Navy),
Tex Matthys, Bill Winters (back to camera), Sgt. Bob Shepherd

(Front) - ___?, ___?, Davis, ___?, ___?, 
(Standing) - Gillette, ___?, Dinuzzo, ___?, Murphy, ___?

John Kirpack, 'Fluff' Hanusek, Mahsem, Murphy, Barmaid Helen, McKay, Gillette, Partridge, Head 
(Standing) - Louie Herbert, Ben Harmen, Botti, Len Goff, Nozie, Tiger Taylor

(1952) - U.S. Army Party

U.S. Army Band members having a good time!

(1952) - After Band Rehearsal

Celebration in Marine-Schule

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