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Jim Reusch Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven: 1955-59 - Able Flight - 6913th RSM)

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Riverboat Cruises
Reunion 2002 (Ohio River) -- 2004 (Potomac River)

Jim and Winnie Reusch

Sprading (1st), Hall (P), Reusch (2nd), Haber (SS) Crispine (P) Gauthier (3rd),
Cushman, Welch
(Statistician) Walker (NCOIC) - Mox Nix guys in Berlin

Berlin, Strasse des 17. Juni, russ. Ehrenmal u. Reichstag

Berlin (May, 1958)- Russian War Memorial @ Brandenburg Gate.
"We almost got locked up for smoking on the steps by Russian & German Soldiers."

Berlin 1958 - Baseball Team
(2nd Row) - Lt. Skloff (Coach), S/Sgt Wilker (NCOIC), Herb Sickles (A), Bill Felshaw (A),
"Tiger" Hall, Jim Spradling, Chuck Haber, Pete Jubeck,
Earl Gauthier, "Rock" Graziano,
Dan Herz (A),
(1st Row) - Wayne Welsch (Statistician), Chuck Cushman (A), Dan Casey (A),
Jim Reusch, John Crispino, Nick Thielman. -
(Missing: Gary Wright, USMC; Frank Schiller, Navy; Harry Brannon, Navy)

Photo in Berlin - Jim Reusch

Berlin - 1958

Able Trick Party - October 1, 1958 - Bremerhaven, Germany


(2002) Jim wearing Carl Robert's '57 Softball shirt.
"It shrank, cause Rob was never this small! Or..."

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