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Carl ROBERTS Photo Album #1.
("A" 1956-58 Bremerhaven)

(d. 2006)

Carl Roberts (1957) - 40+ Years Later Carl Roberts (2002)


(1957) Carl Roberts - WAC Barracks in background Carl on top of the Old Fortress Old Radar Mount on the Old Fortress

Carl in front of WAC Barracks and at the old Fortress

Bremerhaven, Germany - Staging area Barracks


Carl in front of WAC Barracks (1957)

(1959) Carl Roberts on Fortress (1959) Larry "Pimples" Bierman on Fortress

Carl Roberts | Larry Bierman

A Bremerhaven Street

Bremerhaven Streets back in the 1950s

(1959) - Bremerhaven's Tallest Building

Carl in red hat - Old Windmill near Bremerhaven


Flowers in a Bremerhaven Park

Flowers always brighten Bremerhaven Parks

Looking Through the Locks - Bremerhaven, Germany


PT Boats that the Russians gave back to the United States
(They were, naturally, in terrible shape.)

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