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SPORTS TEAMS Photos - Album #3.


Bremerhaven, Germany

(1957) - BPE Softball Champs

Major Berry, Jimmy Pegram, Robbie Robinson, Fred Meier, Jack Milan, Willie Williams, Kermit "Bill" Sites,
Dale "Big Smitty" Smith
, Bill Burger, James "Movement" Greene, Raymond Green, Paul Alexander,
Otto "Dit" Welch, Gene H.  Martin, ___?, Lt. Col Wanty, Ralph Pittenger


(1954) VIKINGS (Squadron-level) Baseball Team

(Front) Dick Russell, John Seaman, Jim Brock, R.J. Sullivan, Bob Hoffman
(Back) _____? Carl Rihard, Chuck Burchett, Lt. Purello, Lt. Dunivent

NOTE: From Dec. 1951-1955, the nickname 'Vikings' was used by the
41st RSM for Squadron-level teams, which included players assigned
to any of the Tricks and HQ elements. The nickname '
Vikings', in early
1955 was adopted for teams fielded by Dog flight.

Duty Assignments

(Front):  Dick Russell – Air Policeman, SCTY (arrived:  24 Aug 53);
John Seaman – Admin Clerk, ADMIN (arrived:  mid? 54);
Jim Brock – Comm Center, “C” Trick (arrived:  Jan 54);
R. J. Sullivan – Morse Opr, “D” Trick (arrived:  Jul 53);
Bob Hoffman – Comm Repair, Tech Svcs (arrived:  mid? 54);

(Back):    _______?; Carl Rihard – Antenna Instal, Tech Svcs (arrived:  mid? 54);
Chuck Burchett – Morse Opr, “C” Trick (arrived:  53);
1st Lt Al Purello – Ass’t OIC Mission Evaluation & Control, Operations (arrived:  Jul 54);
2nd Lt Rex Dunivent – Personnel Officer (arrived:  Aug 54).

-- Research by Arlen Trapp

1958 B-Flight Baseball Team - Bremerhaven, Germany
(Back) Carl Casey, Harry Brannon, Frank Cushman, Gary Wright, Frank Schiller,
Don MacLagon, Bill Felshaw, Jim Spradling, Donald Graziano, Wayne Welch
(2nd) - Jack Skloff, Ernest Simmons, Herb Sickles, Chuck Haber, Pete Jubeck,
Bobby HATHAWAY, Larry Hall
- Nick Thielman, Earl Gauthier, Jim Reusch, John Crispino

(1954) Vikings Softball Team

(1954) Photo Courtesy of Dick Moore

(Front) - Don Berry, Harold L. Smith, Dick Moore, Sam Zoldak (Best Pitcher),
Jim Fleming, Vic Cardinale, Wimpie
(Back) - ___?, Stence Kelfta, Stephens, Bob Miller, Casper House,
Black Mack McGuire

(NOTE: Top left of this old photo was damaged, so pictures aren't very clear!)

1962 Baseball Team

Easy Flight lost 10-6

(1963) - Base Softball Champs - (Easy Flight)

(Front) -___?, Randy KING, Big Mo, ___?, Sgt. Davis
(2nd Row) - Terry Coates, ___?, ___?, ___?,
(Back) - ___?, ___?, Sgt. Drescher, ___?,___?, Ryan (short stop)

1964 - Able Flight Port Softball Champions

Photo Courtesy of Brian Donnelly

(Back Row) - Lonnie Gray-P (Boise, ID), Bill Reese-OF, Brian Donnelly-OF (Highland Mills, NY),
Lou Latino-
OF (Denver, CO), Gary Fyke-3B, Sgt Larry Cromer-Coach (Lytle, TX)
(Front Row) - Chuck Clark-3B, Jim Marz-1B (Jackson, CA), Neil Sides-C (Highland, CA),
Joe Hermann-
SS, Dave Haye-2B (Albuquerque, NM), Mike Marsh-OF


Photo Courtesy of Terry Garman

 BPE Softball Champs - 41st R.S.M.  "Fliegers"

(1960) Mox Nix Softball Team

(1960) Mox Nix Softball Team

John Skurski, Richard Dumas (in back), Bob Mort, Tom Katcher, Dave Roberts (in back),
Bill Schmidt
(head down), Joe Newby, Gary Simmons (front) ___?, ___?, ___?, ___?,

(1966) - 6913th Softball Team


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